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A Garden Themed Summer Wedding - Rouge, Calgary

June weather is sometimes unpredictable - who am I kidding, Calgary's weather is always unpredictable but for Nick and Lindsey's big day - the weather was beautiful! We were crossing our fingers and toes as the week leading up to the big day had lots of rain. Thankfully the weather was in our favour and showed up in spades for the couple on their wedding day which was held at both Read Rock Gardens and Rouge in Calgary!

Garden Party Wedding

This meant their outdoor wedding ceremony at Reader Rock was a go! Which if you've ever been to the beautiful gardens at Reader Rock, you understand its beauty! The ceremony took place on the main lawn in front of the cutest little gazebo surrounded by the lush green and stunning florals already in the garden which fit perfectly into their garden party theme!

If you've been following along, you know that I, Kait, one of the team members at Fly Free Photography love seeing how each of our couples brings their own unique touch to their day, and Lindsey and Nick were no different!

Beautiful white wedding dresses, first kisses, grand entrances and family portraits are apart of most weddings. What was different about this day, was that Lindsey and her mom made her stunning lace dress. The conception of this dress started two springs ago with a pencil, piece of paper and an idea.

For most of us - my self included, a simple cotton dress would be out of reach to draw, cut, sew, and alter into a wearable closet worthy piece. Lindsey and her mom though, had their sights set much higher with a gorgeous lace dress with a detachable lace train. It was not only homemade but it was absolutely stunning and a moment she will have forever as a reminder of the day she married her best friend!

The wedding dress wasn't all that set this beautiful day apart though, Nick put his design skills to the test and made the signs and decor for the wedding as well! They even added a personal touch by adding one of Nicks favourite condiments as their wedding favour! Jams in a variety of flavours!

Rouge Calgary

The reception took place at Rouge - known for its farm to table dining experience but also, for its stunning location with a lush backyard garden and proximity to the river! Located in Inglewood, this venue is a must for foodies, who are looking for an inner city venue that also provides amazing catering! I can tell you the whole team at Fly Free would happily eat, I mean shoot here again! ;)

I know wedding days are busy - trust me I've attended my fair share of them to know they go by in the blink of an eye! However we LOVED that Nick and Lindsey took not one but two opportunities to step away from their guests and have a moment to them selves!

After the ceremony during our portrait hour, Lindsey and Nick took a few moments to read each others personal vows. It was one of the most heartfelt moments of the day and brought tears to all of our eyes to see their love come through their letters. They also took time right at golden hour (our favourite!!) to share their first dance with us at the river! These are the moments we live for!

Fly Free Photography

Here at Fly free, we LOVE these kinds of added details because each time our bride looks back at her wedding photos they will mean so much more knowing the time spent on all the little details making their wedding day that much more special!

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Calgary Wedding Vendors:

Officiant - Lets Tie The Knot

Wedding Planner - Enchanted Bliss Events

Florals - Peggy Nordlund

Dress - Bride’s mom handmade

Video - Belmont Media



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