“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love..”

​1 Corinthians 13:13​





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Meet The Fly Free Family

The Hearts,
              Behind Fly Free!

What started out as a solo adventure for many years, has become so much more...

He’s the Spring in my Step, the Bumble to my Bee, the ISO to my Exposure Triangle (ha! If you get that, you get me). Meet Mike, he is the reason I have pushed so hard to make my dreams come true. When I told you I love, love, I meant it. He pushes me to love myself, my dream, and my relationship every single day. Fly Free Photography started as a huge dream that some days didn’t feel like it would ever become a reality. The ups and downs of life made me question the possibilities more than once. Fast forward a few years to meeting Mike. We instantly clicked over our shared love of travel, adventure, and (wait for it… I can’t even make this up) PHOTOGRAPHY. Yep, my dream man came complete with a passion for photography and a solid technical ability (lol these things matter when your life goal is to own a successful photography company).


Some people may cringe at the idea of working with their spouse (if I’m being honest, I was likely one of these people before meeting Mike). I can proudly say, however, his talent and natural ability to be the calm in any storm has been the catalyst to our success. Not even in my wildest dreams did I believe I could actually do photography as a full time job. But, I’m insanely happy and proud to say, here we are. This isn’t our hobby, this isn’t just a passion; this is our life’s work. Becoming a team that delivers world class wedding and elopement photography and videography has been nothing short of the dream I always imagined.


If we aren’t busy capturing wedding day magic (or more likely crying behind the lens like a proud parent) you’ll find us travelling the globe on another adventure (you want in on this? Feel free to check out our adventure photography page if you ever want to join us!).

Hey, I'm Krystal                           aka Boss lady at Fly Free!

My soul adores adventure and travel, A journey of ups and downs filled with blood, sweat, tears and laughter has molded who I can proudly say I am today. Here's some fun, creative facts about yours truly.

A – Aspiring since day one, I won’t give up on greatness.

D – Determined each day I wake up, fueled by my favorite tea ;)

V – Visual moments are important to me, which is why I love what I do.

E – Everything in life to me is an opportunity to explore, live life to the fullest.

N – Never let fear direct you, always let the beauty in each day inspire you.

T – Travel is my love, I want to see every corner of this earth and some, I love to explore!

U – Up in the sky is where my favorite bird flies, the bald eagle.

R – Ready to deliver above what my client’s expect and show them how truly beautiful they are.

E – Every beautiful testimony from my clients makes all the effort worth it, especially when a special bride says “I could not have asked for a better photographer – Kyla & Cody”.

             our awesome video guy!


“A fairytale becoming reality is what I seek, from the moment your hands connect, the wind catching the leaves as birds flutter by, all complimented by music full of emotion from your special day; This is what makes me feel alive and love what I do. Rooted in 10 years of photography, video become second nature, a place of expression that have captivated my attention the past few years building up to now. Bringing me on to the Fly Free Family with a golden heart full of trust in what she sees in me, Krystal aka Fly Free Boss Lady is why I am able to create like I do. Knowing I have the support of this wonderful woman in life, love and work is beyond words, it excites me to be a part of what she has created.”

Click here to see some of Mike's wedding videos.

      our awesome associate!

“I have a passion for people. It sounds simple, but those words ring so true to my heart. For as long as I have been alive I have had a love for being around people and seeing them shine. It was only natural to put a camera in my hand and capture meaningful moments for people. Very quickly those around me recognized my talent and pushed me to pursue what complimented an innate passion. I got a taste of wedding photography years ago, but was fortunate to have my own first wedding gig in the summer of 2016; it was a magical summer day that changed everything. I was flooded with emotion: laughter, tears of joy for the couple, compassion, delicacy, drive, and a fulfilment I had never felt before. I discovered that spending the day with couples, on the biggest day of their adult life, was something that filled my soul. I take my role as your photographer seriously… You will often find me welling up with tears, smiling from ear to ear, easing your nerves, encouraging you to pop champagne, and I have been known to be on dress holding pee duty from time to time ha ha. I promise to share the joy of your wedding day with you. Let’s take a journey together and capture the magic <3”

Click here to see some of Amber's wedding work.

I'm beyond blessed to work with so many outstanding talents in the wedding industry! Below is a list of all my awesome gals, and all "Fly Free Brides" get a discount with all of them! 


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