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A Coutts Center Summer Wedding

Are you in the Nanton area and looking for a wedding venue? Look no further! This venue is a must see! Carlie and Sheldon are so adorable! I met them a few years ago, they used to run their own Air B and B. They had the most beautiful little property, just outside of Airdrie. Carlie is an amazing chef and she just puts so much love into everything that she makes. Their wedding was nothing short of amazing, with little details that really showcased them, as a couple!

Are you new here? Well if so, "Hi, my name is Krystal"! I am so happy that you're here to learn a bit more about who we are at Fly Free Photography and what we do! I am the boss babe at Fly Free Photos. We are a fabulous team of photographers and an in house videographer. You can learn more about our team or check out our pricing info here. If you're looking for some wedding inspo, or want to see our quality of work keep on scrolling along.

Coutts Centre

Carlie and Sheldon were originally supposed to get married on their property, however, ended up selling and thus needed a new wedding venue luckily they found the Coutts Centre. It’s actually a heritage place, but they do weddings! This was the first time I had ever been there and it is the cutest little place ever! It’s just outside of Nanton, it’s not very far from Calgary and they have so many beautiful locations to do photos - a beautiful tree alley, vine arches and more! There was one little spot that reminded us of Carlie and Sheldon’s old place. They used to have this beautiful arch of vines that had a little seat inside of it, so we definitely did some photos in there. It was just beautifully reminiscent of their old home.

Nanton Wedding Venues

It was super sweet! They had their closest friends and family there. They have a blended family, Sheldon has two girls and then Carlie and Sheldon have a little girl together. Her name is Gracie. There were so many kids at this wedding, I swear, all of thier friends had multiple kids, it was so cute! Their wedding was very down to earth but also very classy. It was just so cute having all the kids involved. We did the ceremony and pictures at the Coutts Centre and then took off to their reception which was held in Cayley. Let's talk abut food for a hot moment.. Carlie’s dad cooked all of the dinner! It was phenomenal! I eat a lot of dinners at weddings and this was hands down probably one of the best I’ve had! It was SO DELICIOUS!

Blue Hour Photos

As per most weddings, things ran a little bit behind throughout the day so we ended up getting out for blue hour after the sun had gone down and friends, let me tell you.. the photos are the bomb! I just love them so much! It was the perfect ending to the day.

Carlie and Sheldon had their first dance together and then invited the two older girls to dance with them. It’s so amazing to see how Carlie has just accepted them as her own kids and they just love her so much! It was super sweet! After the parent dances they played a song for all the mommas. Think all mom's and a bunch of little kids hitting the dance floor, it was a blast! They are a super lovely bunch. Carlie and Sheldon are the sweetest couple and I am super excited to have a life long friendship with them!

Calgary Wedding Photographer

As Calgary wedding photographers, We always want to make sure we document your love story for you to keep for generations to come. This is why we make sure your photos are literally the most breathtaking. If you are looking for a wedding photographer I'd love to chat with you more and help you plan your special day, feel free to get in contact here! You can also check out a ton of other photo session ideas and inspiration on our blog.

Calgary Wedding Vendors

Below is a list of just a few of the incredible Calgary wedding vendors that made this Nanton Country Wedding possible! If you are looking for a wedding photo and video team, you can connect with us directly here.

Menswear: H&M

Florals: Flowers by Mel

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