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A Late Summer Calgary Wedding - Pups included.

Calgary Wedding Venues

As the middle of September approaches, the wind becomes a bit cooler, the leaves have started to turn, and Tracey and Ryan chose this time of year to celebrate their union! Getting married along the river at Baker Parks Sun Bowl is definitely one way to capitalize on these late summer days! Not to mention the hidden gem inside of Calgary city limits, the venue truly does put on a show in the fall.

Calgary Wedding Photographer

Here at Fly Free, we don’t discriminate about which season is our favourite… BUT I, Kait one of the team members at Fly Free Photography sure do love the soft light of a late summer day AND I absolutely love the beautiful fashion show mother nature is giving us at this time of year! As Calgary wedding photographers we understand location is key for a stunning wedding venue, which is why we have tons of ideas for all our beautiful couples.

When it comes to love languages, if you know Tracey and Ryan – it is clear they have more than 1! In fact, throughout Tracey and Ryan’s day, they made sure that their love languages came through in every part of their special day!

Love language #1 : Vows

When it comes to Tracey and Ryan, they are the kind of couple that love songs are written about. Their MC even joked about how she would write one about them – and in all honesty I’m sure it wouldn’t have been hard because being witness to their love is content enough for an entire album! Now if you can imagine, their vows could essentially be taken and written into Taylor Swifts next love song - they were just that good! These two wrote their own vows and had Krystal and I both tearing up as we captured them up at the altar.

Baker Park Wedding

Love language # 2 : Dogs

Not only are Vela and Taco the sweetest little pups who joined us at their engagement photos but they also made a guest appearance at their wedding as well! Tracey’s sons Jorden and Tanner each brought one of the pups down the aisle so they could be there for their “pawrents” ceremony! Afterwards, we captured a few extra photos with them too as a part of their family portraits! Having the pups there and seeing how much joy it brought to Tracey and Ryan is reason enough for dogs to be a part of their love language ;)

Not all wedding venues are dog friendly, so if having your fur babies included in your day is important to you, please make sure they are allowed. Thankfully, not only is baker park stunning, but also pup friendly!

Love Language #3 : Food

Although this day is about love, it wouldn’t be complete without food. And for Tracey and Ryan, food is one of their other love languages. It was therefore only fitting to celebrate their marriage at the Wild Rose Brewery here in Calgary. This Brewery not only has delicious local craft beer, but also has great food! If good food and great beverages is priority for your special day, I can assure you that you will love the Wild Rose Brewery!

A little bit of heart:

Every wedding the Fly Free Team attends is always special and unique in its own way, and some of my personal favourite moments from this stunning day are the following!

One of my favourite memories from the day is when Jayden first saw Tracey’s wedding band. He described it as a half-eaten cupcake - a totally accurate but also hilarious way to describe this stunning bridal set.

And last but certainly not least, as party favours, Tracey and Ryan sent each guest away with smoked sea salt (chefs kiss!!!) and not the kind you buy in the store, but the kind that takes 8 hours of love – I mean Alder and Maple wood chips, kind of love! The dedication to his craft is admirable, and lucky for me, and all their guests, our food game just got enhanced a few levels with this small batch smoked sea salt!

If you are getting married in Calgary and are looking for other great wedding venues, check out this blog for more beautiful wedding venues in Calgary!

The awesome team that made this day possible:

Officiant: Vows by Judy

Florals: Nectare & Root

Hair: Sweet Sage Bridal Services

Makeup: Tassel Beauty

Catering/ Reception Venue: Wild Rose Brewery

Photography: Fly Free Photography

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