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Wedding Flower Rental Packages in Calgary

Are you looking for GORGEOUS florals for your wedding day but don't want to spend an arm and a leg? Have you thought of renting faux? Our wedding flower rental packages might be just the thing you need!

Our Calgary wedding florist - Chels from Adventure Floral would be the first to tell you that flowers have gotten pricey. Just like everything else we've seen inflation hit, we're seeing the highest prices on blooms they ever have been.

We realize how fast things add up when planning a wedding, so we put together some rental packages to help cut down the floral budget. Yes, you read that right! fake wedding flowers for the win! Please note that these packages are open to Fly Free Photography & Adventure Floral clients, clients of the Fly Free Families preferred vendor list or anyone looking to save on their wedding florals, based on availability. If you are on the hunt for a Calgary wedding photographer and would like to save costs on your florals, I'd love to chat with you!

Wedding Flower Packages

We've curated 4 main floral palettes for you to choose from, and the bonus is you don't have to worry about storing or reselling after. We've made the process smooth and easy!

Step 1: Choose you're palette - blush, red, cream or boho.

Step 2: Choose the size of package your looking for.

The Basics package: This includes a Bouquet & matching boutonniere - $200

($350 retail value, savings of $150)

The Essentials package: This includes the Bouquet and matching boutonniere from the Basics packages as well as 2 matching arch pieces - $400

($650 retail price $250 savings)

The Premium package: This includes everything from the Essentials packages as well as your choice of arch (3 or choose from), fabric and cylinders with candles - $600

($1,005 retail price, $405 savings)

Below you will see everything included in the Basics package - The Bouquet & matching boutonniere, depending on the color pallet you choose.

Wedding Arch Rental

If you don't think you'll need the premium package, that's totally okay - we offer the arches separately as well. These are also the 3 options of arches you get to choose from with the 3rd package at no additional cost.

Mountain arch - $200

A frame arch - $75

Pillars - $75

All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Honestly, our favorite is option #3

The Premium package: This includes everything from the Essentials packages as well as your choice of arch (3 to choose from), fabric and cylinders with candles - $600

($1,005 retail price, $405 savings)

Why? Because there is so much you can do with it, PLUS you can reuse your arch pieces and put them on your head table. Talk about efficiency! Below we have a bunch of images for you to take a look through with the different color pallets on different arches with different setups - let your imagination run wild friend!




Boho: The Boho package is slightly different then the rest, as the arch pieces are vases that sit on top of the pillars like seen below.

We are ALL about ease!

All of our arches and arch pieces come with these easy to use hooks so you don't have to stress about bringing zip ties and scissors on your wedding day. Nor do family members have to stress about how to hang them with zip ties or where to put them - everything has been taken care of for you!

Real or Fake Flowers for your Elopement?

Chels touched on this question in another blog: Here is her answer - "This is a tough one!! Only because I have a great appreciation for working with fresh flowers. It's so therapeutic to feel nature in your hands while you activate your creative mind. But honestly, in reality, the answer would be faux. My reasoning is that you do not have to worry about transportation and damaging the flowers from all types of weather. If you are not careful in how you pack real flowers, you may end up with a few broken flowers. With faux flowers there is no need to have the florals placed upright in a backpack sticking out the top (although this makes for amazing photos, as you will see below) nor do your flowers require a hydration pack to keep them alive.

Below are some examples from our fake wedding flower rentals

Peacock Chair Rentals

& last but not least our Peacock Chair! We are so stoked to be adding this to our rental guide as there is so much you can do with it - Weddings, Bridal showers etc.

Just the Peacock chair: $70 per day (24 hour timeframe)

Peacock chair with your choice of florals: $125 per day (24 hour timeframe)

The last photo is some inspo for you if you have the boho package and wanted to add the peacock chair.

Also, if you are attending any of the Binding Roots Group Workshops put on by Chels and myself, there is a good chance you can get some headshots done in this beautiful chair!

Thanks for being here friend, our hopes are to bring ease to your wedding day by offering some beautiful set ups and that you don't have to stress about! If you are interested in any of the packages you seen above please reach out to either myself or Chels from Adventure Floral. Please note that these packages are now open to the public as well as Fly Free Photography & Adventure Floral clients or clients of the Fly Free Families preferred vendor list based on availability.

xo Krystal & Chels

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