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Countryside Wedding turned Rugged

Country weddings never go out of style! Maybe it's the open space, the relaxing scenery or getting out of the hustle and bustle. Stef and Tyler's wedding was the definition of a country wedding... baby goats included!

Welcome, Welcome! Here at Fly Free Photography, we want to make all of your wedding photo dreams come true! Hi, my name is Krystal and I am so happy to meet you! We have a team of three amazing photographers as well as our in house videographer to complete your special day. You can learn more about our team or check out our pricing info here. Check out our videographer Mike's amazing skills directly below!

Stef and Tyler booked an engagement session with me back in May, hot dang did we get some classic mountain weather... snow, rain and sun all in the same day, check it out here! They are such a beautiful and playful couple. Both so filled with love toward their family, friends and each other, which made their wedding all the sweeter. Stef's wedding dress was gorgeous, the lace work was beautiful and let me not forget her heels with the red bottoms! SO, so stunning! Everything just went together so beautifully. Tyler was handsome in his grey suite and blue tie. My favorite was his purple boutonniere! The colors they picked for their country wedding were so gorgeous!

Stef got ready at a family friend's house across the road which had the most BEAUTFUL garden in the backyard. Oh my gosh, if you know my heart, you know it just skips a beat for fairytale gardens like that. Is there honestly a more ideal place to do getting ready photos with the girl, hang your stunning dress and do a first look with the groomsmen then a stunning garden.. I think not! haha

Country Wedding

The weather forecast for Stefanie and Tyler's wedding day was supposed to be plus 35 and hot, but it ended up being a cool 27 and overcast instead! It was perfect, perfect weather! Their ceremony was held on a family friend's beautiful farm, which overlooked a valley with a little river. Talk about a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day! If you've been looking for a unique idea for your bridesmaids, here's one for you! Stef's girls had gold hoops as their bouquets with fake florals on the hoops, it looked SO AMAZING! Having a mom as a wedding planner was a huge bonus for Stef, she ended up decorating everything for them and let me tell yah, she did a fantastic job! Everything was on point from the ceremony to the reception! The wedding arch and florals were as pretty as a picture and Stef's cascading bouquet was just extraordinary!

Their reception was at the Stage Coach Saloon in Ponoka. Stefanie's mom completely transformed the inside of that place. When I say transformed I mean you could not tell it was a pub at all. It was so gorgeous, from the foliage and florals to the color scheme, no detail was missed! During the speeches, her mom had a special gift for them, she presented them with two kids... as in two baby goats! I guess it's a running joke in the Rose family with farm animals. They were a family friends goats, but she was just making a joke about them having kids and she was like, 'Here you go, you get twins right off the bat!', ha-ha! That was a really fun part of the reception that I hadn't seen before. I love family traditions!

Mountain Wedding Photos

Have I mentioned how much I love adventure sessions?! Well, the next day we headed off to the mountains for an adventure in Kananaskis. I love when couples are game for anything and don't mind getting a little dirty. Stefanie was so pumped to be in the water and get her dress wet! Let your dress tell a story about your epic adventure, it's okay if it's not white at the end of the day! Trust me, it's not just you who is up for the adventure! I had the opportunity to borrow a ladies paddle board while we were out there and took full advantage for an epic shot! So, I paddled out into the middle of the lake so I could get a shot back at Stef and Tyler in front of the mountain at sunset. We had never shot this mountain before because you can't get the angle unless you're in the middle of the lake, so that was a blast! I'm forever grateful to her for letting us borrow her paddle board, it's honestly one of my favorite photos!

Alberta Wedding Photographer

As Alberta wedding photographers, we always make sure to let your genuine self shine through in your photos. This is why we make sure to capture those personalized moments like family traditions, messy outfits, authentic smiles and more. If you are looking for a wedding photographer I'd love to chat with you more and help you plan the best day, feel free to get in contact here! You can also check out a ton of farm wedding inspiration on our Disley farm wedding post.

Wedding Vendors

Below is a list of just a few of the incredible wedding vendors that made this Ponoka wedding possible! If you are looking for a wedding photo and video team, you can connect us directly here.

xo Krystal

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