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Sundre Intimate Wedding

Zach and Marisa’s wedding is what fall foothill dreams are made of. Zach’s moms property was not only beautiful but the perfect location for them to celebrate their marriage. This beautiful property in Sunder has brought them together for years – and is always a place of gathering and family. This Sundre property has been passed down from grandparents to parents and therefor having their wedding here made it all the more special! These are the kinds of details that warm the hearts of the Fly Free team as we are all hopeless romantics ready to be a part of your special day! Even more special, Ritz and Zach worked together previously for years and therefore only those near and dear to Zach and Marisa where there to help them celebrate their beautiful wedding day!

Bride and Groom sitting on a bridge touching foreheads

Fly Free Photography

My name is Kait and as a part of the fly free team I’m always striving to help you have the best day possible! Part of that was making sure each of Marisa and Zach’s intentional details were captured on their day! When I first arrived Marisa and I got to talk about all the little details that had gone into their special day and what she was most excited for – the hopeless romantic in me was swooning! Ritz brought the calm to a very excited groom, having an old time friend there to capture his special day was enough to help sooth his nerves! It’s the little things for us on the fly free team – we love serving you in whatever capacity we can in order to make sure your day is amazing!

Getting Ready and Ceremony Photos

Their wedding day began with a bit of a breeze, but the warmth of Zach and Marisa’s love was no match for the fall air. The overcast weather didn’t get in their way as they simply snuggled in closer to help keep each other warm and were surrounded by the last of the beautiful fall tones that Autumn had to offer! Their loving demeanor was a perfect pairing to the cozy fall colours surrounding them on their day.

Their ceremony location was that of a fairy tale. Their hand crafted wedding arch decorated

with flowers was perfectly suited to their location. The location was private and in the middle of the woods where only those invited and the forest fauna could see. They were celebrated with bubbles as they exited their fairy tale ceremony which perfectly highlighted Marisa’s and Zach’s fun bubbly nature. As for confetti as they walked out – Marisa and Zach opted for cheerios and nuts, a snack for the wildlife that lived in the forest around the property! If that isn’t enough to warm your hearts, the small details all around them were all intentional and full of love. There was a personalized ring box, specialty ties for the boys, a handmade bridal bouquet from her sister, and last but not least, Marisa’s ring - a sunset fire opal which is her favourite and chosen by the one who truly knows her heart.

Bride and Groom Portraits

When I look back at Zach and Marisa’s wedding photos I’m reminded of all the beautiful and

intentional spots we took photos at that will serve as the basis for future celebrations and

memories to come. In fact every location we chose had its own story to it; from their hand-

picked ceremony location that Zach’s mom helped clear a path for, to their special bridge

beside the house, the river in which they go to visit on family walks and family photos at the

back of the farm house that gave all of their photos personality and intention. As our time with them came to an end, the sun peaked through the clouds just in time for golden hour which made for the most stunning images to end the most amazing day with!

Their day was perfect, intentional and full of love. Each detail hand-picked to celebrate their

love story. A love story that is everlasting.

If you are looking for a wedding photo and video team, you can connect with us directly here.

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