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Karlee & Dan's Winter Wonderland Engagement

Should you do engagement photos in the winter? As Calgary wedding photographers we always recommend to our couples to do their engagement photos in a season different than their weddings. So, needless to say we end up doing a lot of winter photos even if that means bundling up to get beautiful shots.

Getting to know Our Clients

Typically we meet our couples for the first time at their engagement shoot, however, Ritz and Dan already knew each other from working together at Country Hills Toyota and both love to play paintball. So, naturally when Dan and Karlee got engaged, we were ecstatic that they asked us to take their engagement pictures for them! If you are looking for some amazing winter photoshoot ideas, we have got them for you right here.

Before I dive in and gush about how much I love winter engagement sessions, in case

we have not met yet, I am Krystal (the boss lady behind Fly Free Photos). I am one of

those crazy people who works with their spouse. Together, we make up Fly Free

Photography: a Calgary wedding photographer and wedding videographer team. If you

are currently planning a wedding in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or beyond – make sure to

check out our packages here and when you are ready to save the date (or have

wedding photography questions) get in touch here.

Winter Engagement Photos

Taking Dan and Karlee’s engagement photos was an absolute winter dream! The snow

was blanketed beautifully on the trees, and the perfect lighting set the scene. Karlee’s

gorgeous emerald velvet dress, sparkling new engagement ring and curled golden locks

stood out beautifully in the snow. The love and joy that Dan and Karlee felt was

radiating and completed their engagement photoshoot.

Peachland Lake Engagement Story

Here’s a backstory of Dan and Karlee: Dan proposed to Karlee on a boardwalk looking

out over a beautiful lake in Peachland, Kelowna on their third anniversary. They both

enjoy spending quality time and making memories together through travel and mini golf.

Dan and Karlee both appreciate the support that they each give to each other, knowing

that they can rely on each other for better or for worse.

Dan and Karlee will be getting married at one of my favorite venues, Pine and Pond in

2022 (check out my recent blog about this awesome venue). We are so excited for them

and loved having the opportunity to take beautiful pictures for this happy couple.

If you need help planning & documenting your beautiful elopement or intimate wedding day reach out to us. We are Krystal & Mike, a Husband and Wife team that offers our couples both photo and video as well as planning and logistics! We have some

awesome all inclusive elopement packages to help couples navigate through all of this

craziness and would love to chat with you! Please feel free to contact us here.

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