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Disconnect to Reconnect - Kananaskis Engagement Shoot

We all know that love is special, and when you find your soul mate - your love can move mountains!

Well if the mountains are calling and you are inspired by our beautiful rockies, Kananaskis Village is up there for beautiful places to capture your special moments!

Kananaskis Engagement Photos

Something I love about Ashleigh and Nathans love story is the intention behind how they show their love. They take time every month (on their monthaversary) to dance to some of their favourite songs and have a dance party in the kitchen! Even more special - this winter they spent the weekend at Kananaskis Village and they danced in a field overlooking our beautiful rockies. My spidy senses must have been tingling as I unknowingly had a feeling I needed them to dance in that exact field to one of their favourite songs! I only found this out later after my couple had reached out to me and it made my whole day!

Now, if you are like me, or my beautiful couple - we describe ourselves as extroverted introverts. You therefore understand how special it is to disconnect from the world and reconnect with our loved ones in a quiet natural setting like that of the Nordic Spa! If that little saying rings a bell thats because it's part of the sign at the entrance to the Nordic Spa - one of Ashleigh and Nathans favourite ways to take a break and relax. This is just one more reason why they chose to come back to Kananaskis for their engagement photos - and I support this decision fully!

It makes my heart full knowing these two got to recreate some of their favourite memories in a place that meant so much to them from the beginning and will continue to mean even more to them now that they've done their engagement photos here!

And if you just so happen to choose Fly Free Photography and allow us the capture these beautiful moments in the mountains - well it's safe to say I-Kait, and the rest of the team would absolutely love to be there to capture your memories for you!

If you are wondering about other great spots to have photos done in Kananaskis, this blog about a Forget- Me-Not Pond Elopement is another great option! Or perhaps you're a lover of where the water meets the mountain peaks - this location is for you!

Till next time friends,

Xo Kait

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