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Experience the Romance of Italy at Archway Manor: A Unique Central Alberta Wedding Venue

Choosing the perfect location for your big day can be challenging - we are here to help! With extensive experience across Alberta and beyond we love bringing you new, gorgeous, ideal places to host your special day. If you have been searching for an elegant, European option but aren’t looking to fly to Italy - Archway Manor is the perfect location for all of your wedding day moments! You’ll love this classic venue and its ability to bring the bold and beautiful architecture and decor of Italy to central Alberta. We have put together the stand-out features of Archway Manor to make your decision-making simple, read on to learn more about this exquisite site.

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Central Alberta lies a hidden gem that exudes elegance, charm, and a touch of magic – Archway Manor. This enchanting venue offers a unique blend of timeless Italian charm and modern amenities, making it the perfect setting for your wedding and special event. If you're searching for a venue that stands out from the rest, Archway Manor promises an unforgettable experience. You and your guests will leave feeling like you’ve spent the weekend under the Tuscan sun.

What Sets Archway Manor Apart?

Deliver an Italian experience without leaving the country! There is truly no other short drive in Central Alberta that will have you and your guests convinced you have travelled to Italy. Archway Manor boasts a distinctive and intentional design that sets it apart from other venues in the region, making it an ideal location to host your wedding and capture everything from the candid to traditional moments. From its stunning architecture to its lush surroundings, every detail has been meticulously crafted to transport you from Central Alberta to the unmatched beauty of Italy. The manor's elegant interiors feature soaring ceilings, grand chandeliers, and intricately carved woodwork, providing the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Location and Accessibility

Rather than flying across the Atlantic, Archway Manor is conveniently located in Central Alberta, making it easily accessible from both Calgary and Edmonton. 

From Calgary, you and your guests will enjoy a quick one-hour drive via the QE2 Highway. Visitors can fly into Calgary International Airport (YYC) and rent a car for the scenic drive to the manor.

For those coming from Edmonton, Archway Manor is under a two-hour drive via the QE2 Highway. Edmonton International Airport (YEG) serves as the primary airport for travellers, and from there, you and your guests can embark on a picturesque journey to the location.

Capacity and Wedding Packages

Archway Manor has the flexibility to accommodate weddings of various sizes, from intimate gatherings to larger celebrations - you can have your wedding, your way. With its spacious indoor and outdoor venues, the manor can host up to 170 guests, ensuring that your wedding day is shared with your nearest and dearest.

If you are interested in wedding packages, Archway Manor offers a range of options tailored to suit your preferences and budget. Whether you desire a simple yet elegant affair or a lavish celebration complete with custom décor and gourmet cuisine, they've got you covered! While Archway Manor offers their own in-house rental, wedding planning, and catering services, you have the freedom to book outside Calgary wedding vendors if you choose. Choosing a wedding package can ease the stress of your special day when you know that all of the details are being carefully tended to by a team of professionals.

Aside from the one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor spaces with an unmistakable Italian influence, they also provide bridal and groom suites to make preparations on your big day a breeze! Stay calm and enjoy every moment of your wedding day while you and your wedding party prepare for the ceremony and beyond in the most gorgeous wedding suites this side of the Mediterranean.

Why Choose Archway Manor for Your Wedding

The benefits of choosing Archway Manor as your wedding venue are plentiful. Beyond its stunning, unique aesthetics and convenient location, the manor provides a tranquil and intimate setting that allows you to live out your dream day with your loved ones. 

Moreover, the dedicated staff at Archway Manor go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of your special day is flawless. From personalized planning assistance to impeccable service on the day of the event, they strive to exceed your expectations and make your wedding dreams a reality.

Archway Manor stands as a beacon of romance and elegance in the heart of Central Alberta. With its unique charm, convenient location, customizable wedding packages, and attentive staff, it's no wonder why couples choose this enchanting venue to say "I do". If you're seeking a wedding destination that promises timeless beauty and unforgettable moments, Archway Manor better be at the top of your list.

We love being a part of your every planning step. From location to the big day, we are your wedding bestie and we can’t wait to ensure your wedding day is everything you have ever dreamed of. At Fly Free Photography we are so much more than simply photographers - from planning to videography to day-of coordination - we’ve got you!  For more information reach out to us to start planning the day of your dreams. Let’s get planning, together!

You can expect to hear from us mid-June with stunning photos from Archway Manor - be the first to see what is possible for your wedding at this unique and romantic location.

Not quite committed to this location yet? We have done all of the legwork for you - here is our list of wedding venues to check out in and around Calgary. Planning is so much easier with someone who has done this before - reach out to our team so that we can give you the best day ever.

Till next time friend,

xo Krystal

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