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Calgary Wedding Vendors - Getting to Know the Fly Free Photographer Family

At Fly Free Photography, we believe in going beyond the traditional roles of photographers, videographers, and day-of wedding coordinators. We strive to embody a collective of dedicated storytellers, memory-makers, artists, and romantics who pour our hearts into every wedding we undertake. Today, we're thrilled to unveil our exceptional team of professional Calgary wedding vendors, shedding light on the remarkable individuals behind this little business. Join us as we dive into everyone's unique talents and personalities, with a few fun questions to boot!

Fly Free Photography


Krystal is the proud creator and owner of Fly Free Photography, channelling more than a decade of blood, sweat, tears and laughter into building one of Alberta's top wedding photography businesses. As a versatile photographer capable of employing portrait, lifestyle, and documentary styles, Krystal demonstrates remarkable adaptability, tailoring her artistic expression to suit the unique preferences of each couple she works with. Known among those closest to her and the team as adventurous, passionate, bold, creative, and enthusiastic, Krystal is the ultimate professional and a trailblazer in shaping Alberta's wedding industry. Regardless of your wedding date, time, or venue – whether it unfolds atop majestic mountains or in serene valleys – you can count on Krystal to deliver an extraordinary photography experience that will exceed your highest expectations.

"Feeling lucky to have found Krystal at Fly Free for our special day! Truly the best photographer I have ever met and I have so many good things to say!" - Hav + Jon

What unconventional animal do you wish you could have as a pet?

Sugar Glider or Platypus

What is your favourite TV show(s) to binge?

I haven't had TV in 12 years, but I do love The Chosen

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Black Cherry

What is your favourite vacation destination?

Costa Rica, as it's my 2nd home


Kait is an adventure-driven lifestyle wedding photographer with a love for capturing life's most precious moments. With over three years of professional experience working one-on-one with Krystal, Kait's passion is bringing love stories to life against the backdrop of the picturesque outdoors. Those closest to Kait (aka the team) describe her as bubbly, thoughtful, creative, and caring, with an infectious enthusiasm for her craft. Whether she's immortalizing the intimate first kiss of newlyweds, capturing the joyous expression of love during engagement shoots, or documenting the celebratory moments on the reception dance floor, Kait delivers more than just photos—she produces powerful reflections of love and emotion that transcend words.

"Kait and Krystal were absolutely fantastic. They were professional throughout the whole experience, they stayed in touch with our for months prior to our wedding day. They helped plan every last detail of the day, including timelines, first looks etc. They gave fantastic advice on the timeline of the day making it so easy for us to plan our our day!" - Krystyn

What unconventional animal do you wish you could have as a pet?


What is your favourite TV show(s) to binge?

New Girl

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Chocolate hazelnut whiskey praline from Made by Marcus

What is your favourite vacation destination?

Vietnam — I love the heat, the food, and the people 🥰

Here are a few examples of Kait's photos, to see more, click here.


Meghan is a devoted portrait and lifestyle wedding photographer, who enjoys preserving the intimate moments of couples and the intricate details of their special day. A master of her craft, Meghan has over a decade of professional experience fearlessly scaling mountains, climbing trees, and wading creeks to capture the perfect angles for her clients. Known for her attentive and thoughtful approach, Meghan is described by the team as carefree, outdoorsy, giving, and a skilled multitasker. As a true professional, she effortlessly navigates diverse landscapes, from serene lakeside portraits to romantic forest scenes, ensuring that each photo taken tells a compelling story of the unique bond and love shared by every couple she photographs.

"Meghan did photos and Mike did video for our day. They hiked up a mountain with us at sunrise for our elopement ceremony, and the experience was incredible and made even better having that team with us. It was like going on a hike with friends. Krystal recommended our location and of course it was an absolutely perfect choice." - Ashley

What unconventional animal do you wish you could have as a pet?


What is your favourite TV show(s) to binge?

Parks and Recreation

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Chocolate salted caramel

What is your favourite vacation destination?


Here are a few examples of Meghan's photos, to see more, click here.

Calgary Wedding Videographers

Mike - Fly Free's In-House Videographer

Mike, also known as Ritz, is an exceptionally talented documentary-style videographer, boasting over fourteen years of combined experience in photography and videography. Known for his unwavering passion for timelessly preserving his clients' special moments, Mike is described by his inner circle as calm, reliable, artistic, joyful, detail-oriented, and uplifting. Whether he's capturing the magic of your surprise proposal against the majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, your intimate and tearful first look moments before you say I do, or the heartwarming humour of your flower girl skipping down the aisle during your ceremony, you can rest assured that Mike will deliver a truly one-of-a-kind video to immortalize your special occasion.

"Fly Free was amazing. Mike was our wedding videographer. Mike was kind and easy to work with. He did everything in his power to bring our vision to life. The viedo is fabulous quality. It looks like a movie commercial. He was present and on time and made sure every detail was captured. If you're on the fence about getting a wedding viedo, please do it. Looking back, this was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding." - Tess

What unconventional animal do you wish you could have as a pet?

Galago (Bush Baby)

What is your favourite TV show(s) to binge?

No TV for me, but I do love Star Wars and Marvel movies

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Chocolate or Mint Chocolate Chip

What is your favourite vacation destination?

Italy, so much to photography and experience

To see some more Trailers and Highlight videos - click here.

Calgary Wedding Coordinator

Ty - Fly Free's In-House Day of Coordinator

Ty is a diligent day-of wedding coordinator who loves helping his couples craft unforgettable memories on their wedding day. With a meticulous eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Ty works behind the scenes to ensure every detail aligns with the envisioned celebration. Known for his problem-solving capabilities and unwavering professionalism, Ty is described by the team as articulate, funny, energetic, and welcoming. Whether communicating with vendors to keep them well-informed or meticulously overseeing venue setup and arrangements, Ty is your trusted partner in bringing the wedding of your dreams to life.

What unconventional animal do you wish you could have as a pet?


What is your favourite TV show(s) to binge?

Brooklyn 99 & The Big Bang Theory

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Cotton Candy

What is your favourite vacation destination?


"We definitely feel like we made the best decision going with Krystal and her team and we, along with all of our guests, will rave about them any chance we get. You will not go wrong choosing Fly Free to capture your special moments!" - Brittney

Calgary Wedding Vendors

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the Fly Free Family! If you're in search of a dedicated team to bring your wedding vision to life, look no further. My team of photographers, videographers, and day-of coordinators are eager to collaborate with you. Let's chat and explore how Fly Free can become your reliable resource and wedding ally in crafting the celebration you've always envisioned. We are so excited to meet you, please feel free to reach out here, or if you have more questions you can check out my "Questions to ask your photographer" post.

Till next time friend,

xo Krystal

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