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10 Reasons to Hire a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

As your wedding day draws near and your plans take shape, it is time to start shifting your focus away from design and toward the actual execution of your celebration. While determining wedding themes, design concepts, reception layouts, and timelines is essential, it is equally important to envision how these magnificent plans will come to life on the day of your wedding, I mean, you've spent so much time planning it, why wouldn't you want it to go flawlessly.

Just as no one looks back on life wishing they had worked more, no couple looks back on their wedding day wishing they had spent more time setting up decor, communicating with vendors, or managing their timeline because your special day is supposed to be your hand free from all of that! So, how can you achieve the best of both worlds — a wedding that is flawlessly executed and a day filled with memories to cherish for a lifetime? One option is hiring a Day-of Wedding Coordinator. 

Let's dive together into the role of a Day-of Wedding Coordinator and discover why more and more couples are hiring a trusted professional to carry out the wedding of their dreams.

What is a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator?

A day-of wedding coordinator, also known as a day-of coordinator (DOC) or wedding day manager, is a dedicated professional who assists couples with managing the logistics of their wedding day. While the newlywed couple savours each moment of their celebration, the day-of wedding coordinator works behind the scenes, ensuring everything runs smoothly and according to plan. The day-of wedding coordinator is responsible for overseeing venue setup and decoration, managing the wedding timeline, coordinating with vendors, directing the ceremony and reception, and overcoming any last-minute challenges that arise.

What Is the Difference between a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator and a Wedding Planner?

While these two roles are commonly thought of as being one and the same, they both serve very distinct and separate needs.

Wedding Planner


Wedding planners assist couples in planning and organizing their wedding day to alleviate the stress associated with wedding preparations, allowing the couple to better enjoy the process.

Involvement Timeline

18-12 months


  • Creating and managing wedding budgets

  • Vendor selection and booking (photographer, florist, caterer, etc.)

  • Venue selection and booking

  • Developing a wedding theme and design concept

  • Creating a comprehensive wedding timeline

  • Guest list management, RSVP tracking, and seating arrangements

Day-Of Wedding Coordinator


Day-of Wedding Coordinators assist couples in the execution of their wedding day following the timeline and plans they have created, allowing the couple and guests to better enjoy the day.

Involvement Timeline

4-6 weeks


  • Communicating and coordinating with vendors

  • Overseeing venue setup and arrangement

  • Managing the wedding timeline throughout the day

  • Directing the wedding party, guests, and vendors to ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time during the ceremony and reception

  • Addressing any unforeseen issues or challenges that arise

What Is the Difference between a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator and a Venue Coordinator?

Now that we have a better understanding of the differences between a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator and a Wedding Planner, there is one more position we need to clarify — Venue Coordinator. While a Venue Coordinator is a tremendous asset, some couples mistakenly believe that this eliminates the need to hire a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator. However, this role also serves a very distinct and separate need.

As the title suggests, a Venue Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the details and logistics of events held at their venue. Unlike a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator who works for the couple, a Venue Coordinator works for the venue and is in charge of managing their services and rentals such as staffing, catering, tables, chairs, linens, bartending, power, and lighting. Therefore, any activities taking place outside of the venue, for instance, getting ready or the ceremony, are not cared for by the Venue Coordinator.

But what if all aspects of your wedding are taking place at a single location, like the Pine and Pond Wedding Venue? While the Venue Coordinator and their team will do a fantastic job of handling their responsibilities, having a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator is still a must-have. Without one, you and your family will be tasked with managing decor arrangements, supervising timelines, supporting vendors, coordinating the ceremony and reception, and more, when you should be focused on enjoying your special moment with the people you love.

Why Should I Hire a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator?

With all of this in mind, here are 10 reasons why you should hire a day-of wedding coordinator.

1. They Will Help Alleviate Stress

Every couple experiences wedding day stress. It is a sign that you value this moment and care about the memories you are making. With a day-of wedding coordinator (DOC) on your side, you can relax knowing your special day is being cared for by capable hands.

2. They Will Free Up Your Time

No bride or groom dreams of spending their wedding day answering questions from guests, directing vendors, or setting up their venue. With the support of a DOC, you can focus on what matters most, enjoying your special day.

"We felt that you (Krystal) and Ty were the reason why both of us were able to breathe and soak in the day without worrying. You both knew our ideas and what we wanted to achieve, and did your best to make it happen!" – Hav + Jon

3. They Will Keep Your Wedding on Schedule

You have spent the last 12 months or more planning your whole wedding, from your ceremony entrance to your end-of-night exit. With the help of a DOC, you can rest assured that your wedding day will stay on track and in alignment with your plans to the best of our abilities.

4. They Will Bring Your Vision to Life

You have dreamed about this day for some time now, and have envisioned the way your wedding will look. Having an experienced DOC on your team means they will be paying attention to every fine detail to create a seamless and polished wedding experience they would expect for their own wedding day.

5. They Will Support and Assist Your Vendors

From florists to caterers, vendors are an essential part of your wedding. Therefore, it is important they have the support they need to succeed in their role. By hiring a DOC, you ensure your vendors are well-informed of the timelines, setup, and logistics to ensure a smooth flow of events.

6. They Will Elevate Your Guest’s Experience

Your family and friends are an important part of your life, so, understandably, you want them to enjoy your wedding day. From guiding them through the venue to addressing their needs, having a DOC ensures everyone leaves your wedding with positive memories and overall satisfaction.

7. They Will Be Your Advocate

Despite the best planning, sometimes the unexpected happens. Whether someone breaks the no-phone rule or a guest brings a child to a no-children wedding, having a DOC means you have someone in your corner advocating for you and ensuring your wishes are met.

8. They Are Your Go-To Messenger

As things change and evolve throughout the day, it is comforting to have someone there by your side. Your DOC is a great asset when venue lights need to be dimmed, heaters are on too high, music is too loud, or someone needs a reminder of your wedding rules.

9. They Will Herd the Masses and Keep Everyone Informed

Whether your guests are exploring your venue or catching up with a loved one from out of town, people sometimes drift as the day progresses. With the support of your DOC, your guests will stay informed of the timeline and will be guided back to their seats so they don’t miss a second of your most special moments.

10. They Will Smooth Out Any Bumps

Even the most well-planned weddings have their bumps. Drinks spill, guests sit at the wrong tables, and reception halls get hot. No matter the challenge, your DOC will be there to troubleshoot any problem that may arise.

Make Your Wedding a Day to Remember with a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

While it is easy to seek support from family and friends on your wedding day, enlisting the expertise of a Day-of Wedding Coordinator is well worth the investment for achieving the perfect celebration. With their specialized knowledge and dedicated focus, you and your loved ones can fully immerse yourselves in the joyous celebration, without the stress of logistical concerns. By hiring a Day-of Wedding Coordinator, you not only ensure the smooth flow of your special day but also set the stage for crafting unforgettable moments that will be etched in your memories for years to come.

If you made it to the end, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to read through, here at Fly Free Photography we believe wholeheartedly in having a day of coordinator for your wedding - to the point, we are excited to announce we now have an in-house one! If you are new here, hey! I'm Krystal the lead photographer and boss babe of this amazing small business. We are a team of Calgary wedding photographers capturing raw intimate moments for your nature inspired elegant images serving Calgary, the rocky mountains of Banff, Canmore, Kananaskis and beyond.

Not only have we had an in-house videographer for years, but are excited to announce we are bringing on a day of coordinator as well - while we still work with a lot of Calgary wedding planners (as have some amazing recommendations of people we love working with) I wanted to give our couples something a little more low key then a full on wedding planner, if you are interesting in learning more about this add-on to our packages, you can look at our pricing here.

That's all from me for now friend, I hope you are as excited about this new service as we are! As always, if you are ready to start this wedding adventure together and co create the best day please feel free to reach out.



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