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A Late Summer Fairy Tale Wedding in Central Alberta

When you get married at Pine and Pond you know your day will be magical, and for Hav and Jon their day was exactly how a fairy tale ending gets written! We are so excited to share with you some of the unique and amazing features from this wedding in Central Alberta and what this wedding venue has to offer you! If you would like a more in depth look at this venue, we've got you covered.

If you've read any of our blogs then you know me - Kait, one of the associate shooters for Fly Free Photography, and I'm here to tell you all the reasons we loved Jon and Hav's wedding and why you will fall in love with this venue! First of all, they are the absolute cutest humans and if you'd like to see how cute their engagement photos are here's the link - Thank me later ;)

bridal crown, bride and groom touching foreheads, standing under black metal arch being lit up by lights hanging in a pine tree

To start our day - where the girls get ready is a stunning open room that is lined with individual makeup stations, not only does this make for the perfect location to get ready but its aesthetic, clean crisp and timeless - makes the photos spectacular! Secondly, there is a nearly floor to ceiling mirror in which our bride got to give herself the once over before setting out for her first look with her dad and future husband. Not only does this elegant mirror add to the beauty of the room but from my perspective... THE PICTURES! If getting ready photos are some of your favourites then this is the location for you as it will easily exceed your expectations!

Wedding in Central Alberta

Pine and Pond are known for their beauty so next up is their stunning ceremony location! What I loved about the ceremony location is that it looks like it's on its own little island even though it's not as it's surrounded by a meandering creek which makes the perfect backdrop for your I Do's! Even more special - across the meandering river is a guest house for the newlyweds to spend their first night as a married couple in! What a beautiful place to end your wedding night.. and what a stunning place to wake up to the following morning!

Something that I can't leave out when it comes to Pine and Pond is this venue comes with a row boat that you and your spouse can row out on for some extra special photo moments! Not only is it super cute with the reflections in the water, but it also serves as a moment for just the two of you. These small moments in your day are important for us because they are important to you! And we love it even more because it makes for the cutest candid moments that become beautiful photos with out taking away from the moment of it all!

Of course when it comes to your wedding you want it to be timeless and beautiful - but it wouldn't be customized to you if you didn't throw in a little flare! For Jon and Hav this was adding small Star Wars and Harry Potter themed decor and attire to their day! Jon and his groomsmen had starwars socks, and their cake topper was made to look like Jon and Hav! Hav even used some of her own left over Dress to make herself a veil dress for her cake topper!

As with all weddings - we know it's important to be surrounded by your loved ones and for Hav and Jon their day wouldn't be complete with out there fur babies around! So of course they were at the ceremony, and at the reception! These pups were loved by all and I don't think they could have asked for a more beautiful, timeless and unique to Jon and Hav kind of day! It was truly perfect!

Clear Tent Wedding Reception

The reception location is another one of my favourites as the tent is made from clear plastic that allows for all kinds of beautiful light to enter and makes for the most beautiful first dance photos! Jon and Hav as like the rest of their day - did not disappoint as they too had a choreographed dance for their first dance! They waltzed to their favourite love song and brought tears to all our eyes!

Lastly, something we don't get to often end the night with a sparkler exit! But you know it - Jon and Hav did it all! It was such a fun memory to have all of the guests lining the stairs as the couple walked down slowly. Pro tip, use lighters instead of matches as the sparklers will light faster this way! ;)

Alberta Wedding Vendors

If you are curious about a second Pine ad Pond wedding we've shot at Fly Free heres a link that will equally excite you about this venue! If you love what you've seen and would like to chat more about your special day you can checkout some of our prices here.

Hey, I'm Krystal - Boss babe at Fly Free and I'd love to get to know you better if you are looking for an awesome adventure! Feel free to reach out here, I cannot wait to work alongside you to co create the most amazing day!

Awesome Alberta Vendor Team:

Photos + Planning - Fly Free Photography

Florals - Fabloomosity

Day of Coordinator - Fly Free Photography ( Yes, we have in-house DOC )

Caterer  - Red Seal Dining

Till next time Friend,


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