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Keremeos in the Spring

Let me introduce you to Krista and Bryce, the stars of this beautiful couple photoshoot I did recently in the small town of Keremeos, near Princeton in BC. I have known these two love birds forever. I went to high school with Bryce and worked together with Krista in a flower shop, she’s a florist. Simply put they’re just awesome people and I was so excited when they started dating, as they’re AMAZING together. They are now hobby farmers out in Princeton.

They have a little farm and raise ducks, hens, and a whole bunch of animals, mainly ones with feathers. So cool! I hope you love Krista’s and Bryce’s couple photos as much as I do.

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Couple closely hugging intimately on bench next to a huge blooming plant

If you’re new to Fly Free Photography, welcome! We are happy you made it this far to learn a little bit more about what we do! My name is Krystal, boss babe at Fly Free Photos. What started as a solo adventure has now grown and our team is made up of three other super talented photographers who would love to play a small part in documenting your love story - from your first couples session to your annual anniversary photos. You can learn more about our team here or skip straight to the pricing information here. You will also find a ton of information and inspiration on our blog.

Cherry blossom photos

Back view of couple walking hand in hand in the cherry tree grove

Bc Photographer

Krista and Bryce are just the sweetest, kindest people you will ever meet and they just love to have a good time. Their photoshoot was so cute and really a representation of them, which I want all of my shoots to be. The way Bryce looks at Krista and just gushes his love all over her is just so sweet and romantic. Swoon! I just loved it. It was super fun to do a shoot out in BC with them. As much as Bryce does not like photos he nailed it with this photoshoot and did a great job. I was super excited to spend the time with them, and look forward to doing it again.

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