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Johnson Canyon Engagement Session

There is something about adventure brides that just makes my heart overflow with so much joy! I love when clients want something epic for their engagement session and weddings for that matter. I honestly wasn't a surprise when Monica and Andrew agreed to the idea of going on a mini hike in order to get amazing photos, as they had just gotten engaged while traveling Croatia!! So we packed up our bags, rented a stunning skirt, and started our adventure. The perk of hiking to your location is you get to stop along the way and take photos in multiple locations.

Pretty much every single couple I've ever photographed has said to me, "We're super awkward in front of the camera, or we've never done this before." And rather than scaring me away... I absolutely love hearing comments like these, because there's so much room for transformation. A couple who has never had professionally photos taken before is a completely blank canvas and to me, it's the most fulfilling experience to be completely trusted by my clients to the point they are completely relaxed, vulnerable, and simply themselves in front of my camera. 

With just a short drive from Calgary, and a 30 minute hike in, we stumbled across some amazing locations which I think made for a stunning shoot, Johnson's Canyon, Banff Alberta! I absolutely love being a apart of adventure couples special day. If you are thinking of eloping or doing an adventure session in the mountains I would love to chat with you and help you plan the day of your dreams!!

Vendor Credit:

Makeup: Adrainne Hands

Hair: Irina Evlanova

Gown: JH Gowns

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