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How To Have An Adventure Session

Ok! Picture this, you’re on top of a mountain where the wind swooshes and clouds bow down at you. The sun rays pour mystical beauty, cleansing your soul to the deepest, and the snow stealthily settling among the bed. Hold on! Now imagine the same, except this time, you will be with your significant other, relaxing in the cold, making snow angels, having snow fights, and later on looking from the top of the mountain, where you can see the whole world. See the difference? Adventure sessions usually take place when two people get married or shortly after.

As Banff Elopement photographers we are all about unique wedding ideas. By the way, if you are new around here, I am Krystal and I help madly in love couples remember their wedding day for years to come, while having an absolute blast doing it! I would love to connect with you about your wedding day so contact me here if you already know I am the wedding photographer for you. You can read more about me here! but without further ado, let’s jump right into ways to add adventure to your wedding:

Kinds of Adventure Sessions:

Adventure sessions can be as small as a Candlelight dinner after bowling night for budget-friendly couples or even traveling to Dubai racing in 4 by 4s at the desert Safari. It ultimately depends on the couple and their preferences - are they adrenaline junkies or straight up simplistic. If a couple makes a last-minute plan, the best thing for them would be to go to the park with sandwiches, juice, and a few packs of crisps while stopping for soft-serve ice cream on the way back. I mean, who isn’t in the mood to eat ice cream all the time. If you saved up for something big and planned it thoroughly, the best thing to do is go bungee jumping with the Mrs/Mr or even go skydiving and fight your fear of heights together - “if you go, you go together, right?"

Canoeing or Paddle Boarding:

If you ever feel like you need an intense arm workout and a place to relax with your loved one, the best thing to do is grab a canoe or paddle board and hit the road to any winding river or lake, like Moraine lake, where you are surrounded by astounding mountains and in the middle is crystal clear water that sparkles to the lens of either an eye or camera. Just get to the middle and gaze at the beautiful fish and enormous skies.. that in itself is worth its weight in gold.


Want to overcome your fear of heights? Well, what better than to do it with your soulmate? Make your way towards an aircraft hangar, where they’ll equip you with goggles, a parachute, and other necessary items. You’ll just get to 6000 feet above the ground and free-fall straight to the fields. Keep hold of your fiancé because their life practically depends on it, but whilst falling, you’ll see birds leaping, air crashing on your face, and the beautiful bright lit sun.


Who doesn’t like seeing the ferocity of water? Seeing a waterfall will give you an adrenaline rush from jumping in the water and dopamine high from the sight of the water crashing among the rocks. Get your significant other, pack some swimming gear, and just close your eyes! Forget everything and think about the ultimate leap of faith and jump—the water spilling on your face while you fall refreshing, almost as if it energized you. The Alberta & BC Rocky Mountains can be the perfect venue for such a plan – you’ll find various spots that are perfect for taking a dip.

Getting married is easy, but making memories is not; don’t make excuses about anything. Go to the mall and shop, get reservations for a delicious dinner or lunch, or even get to the nearest sea for paragliding or jet skiing because life won't stay like this forever, so make the best out of it.

I hope this helps spark some ideas on how to have an adventure after your wedding day. It has always sadden me when couples only wear their wedding attire once and then sits in a closest to collect dust. If you want more wedding planning advice, I share so many resources and information on my blog under education. If you are ready to finally hand the reins off to a professional wedding planner and photographer, I would be honoured to be considered. You can read more about my packages here or contact me here!

Xo Krystal

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