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Folk Tree Lodge - A Stunning Bragg Creek Wedding

One of my favourite parts about Bragg Creek is that it’s a beautiful hidden gem. Canmore and Banff can be busy attracting those from all over the world – and for good reason. However Bragg Creek is bordering the mountains, and adorned with beautiful golden fields, ponds and scenery that is just as beautiful as some of those mountain views – but without the crowds of people.

Although every wedding is unique in its own way, I - Kait, part of the awesome Fly Free Photography team, always strive to bring out the true colours of you and your partner on your wedding day! Finding ways to make you smile, and to capture your love is my number one priority! Haha Let's be honest, this is one of the core things our whole team holds as top priority! Find more about us here!

Bragg Creek Wedding Venue

For those who are seeking a space away from the public to celebrate their union – Brag Creeks Folk Tree Lodge is a must. I know what you might be thinking – where might my guests stay since it’s a small property out in the country, but rest assured this venue has lodging for all your most important guests and family to stay the night so that the party never has to end!

Kirk and Jaimee’s Tree Lodge wedding took place in the middle of September where the tall golden grasses in the field reflected the beauty of a late summer wedding with a background of mature pine that was so picturesque and with a touch of greenery and white silk ensured the beauty of this timeless piece. If you’re interested in renting this arch for your special day follow this link!

Folk Tree Lodge Wedding

In all honesty – Jaimee and Kirks wedding day could not have been a more perfect day. As previously mentioned, this venue is stunning and is also adorned with the most beautiful hanging tree swing that contributes to their fairy-tale perfect day. However, it doesn’t end there, Jaimee and Kirk took the time to ensure there were intentional details all throughout their special day.

Ceremony Ideas

Due to the thoughtfulness of these two, their ceremony too was unique and special to them as well! The couple started their ceremony with a rose ceremony in which each mother received a single white rose in appreciation of all the years it took to help grow Jaimee and Kirk into the people they are today. This was followed by the two mothers exchanging flowers as a token of their families growing in size and joining in this union as well! If this got you teary eyed, well you aren’t alone.

This wasn’t the only detail that was special and unique to their ceremony though. Kirk and Jaimee also put together a time capsule to be opened on their 1 year anniversary. This capsule wasn’t just some box you bought off amazon, but a beautifully hand crafted box made by Kirks father. Inside the capsule, a lover letter for each of them to read on their 1 year, along with 2 bottles of their favourite Whiskeys! It’s easy to see how these two put their flare on it and it came through during their ceremony!

And last but not least… Here at Fly Free we LOVE a good symbol that follows a couple through their relationship! …. And boy do I have the best one for you! Throughout Jamiee and Kirks relationship – flamingos, (Yes you read that right) have always come back into their lives over the years. Travelling to different cities and visiting zoo’s is how the flamingo began all those years ago. Unexpectedly, this symbol showed up at their engagement session too so it only seemed fair to celebrate this symbol – the flamingo, at their wedding as well! I think they nailed it if do say so myself!

Although this day was put on in honour of the union between Jaimee and Kirk, they would never have celebrated this day without the love from their family and bridal party. Since they chose to have an intimate wedding, each guests presence is what made the day so special and unique for these two. As you can see, the bridal party had no problem joining in on the fun that was to be had celebrating Jaimee and Kirk!

If you loved this blog and are starting to plan your wedding - be sure to check out this blog about questions to ask your wedding photographer! This blog will answer all kinds of questions from how many hours you should have for your wedding, engagement photos and so many other important questions you might not have thought about! Every wedding here at Fly Free gets special attention from the lady at the top - Krystal! She ensures timelines line up with sunsets and that your wedding is everything AND MORE than you could have ever wanted! We'd love to help plan and document your special day!

Just like any wedding, it wouldn't be possible without all the epic vendors involved. We are thankful to work with an amazing team that always puts in 110% for each of our clients! Fun fact, Fly Free Couples get discounts with some of these amazing vendors!

Menswear: Indochino

Hair Stylist: House of Beauty YYC

Makeup Artist: K Kosmetics

Florals: Adventure Floral

Cake/Sweets: Sweet Relief Pastries

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