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Why You Should Book a Bridal Photo Shoot

I’m sure you want to see yourself in that stunning dress and capture a beautiful portrait you can hang on your wall. Today, we want to share why you SHOULD absolutely book a separate bridal photo shoot when you book your wedding photos.

When you’re in the throes of planning your wedding, we know you start to think that bridal portraits are yet another add-on. But as wedding photographers, we swear by them for so many reasons.

Outdoor Bridal Photo shoot with Oh Snap Calgary Photobooth

Pros to Booking a Bridal Photo Shoot

Even the most perfectly planned wedding can get chaotic. Traditionally, most bridal portraits are often taken during crunch-time moments and I swear, I have seen the worst.

As much as possible I want to avoid instances where the bride feels rushed. For bridal portraits, these photos typically need to be taken before leaving for the ceremony. You can probably already guess how quickly that time gets eaten up! Plus, the idea of bridal portraits is to catch you looking your best (and enjoying yourself!). We don't want you to feel anxious about running late or so excited for the next part that you can't sit still for these photos. Trust me, these are the memories you will WANT to look back on.

What is a bridal photo shoot?

Alternatively, a bridal photo shoot is a separate session with just the bride…yes just you! It is typically booked before the wedding. It's often done on the same day as your hair and makeup trial!

This gives us a chance to celebrate YOU and just enjoy this milestone.

During your bridal photo shoot, we will get you done up and shoot beautiful photos of you in your wedding dress. You can grab this opportunity to feel the moment, feel your dress, and enjoy yourself in the mirror.

No interruptions from guests who want to say their congratulations… not yet. Let’s save that for the wedding day. No wedding organizers telling you to rush down because the car is on the way. Absolutely, no pressure at all…

Advice from a Calgary Wedding Photographer

Bridal photo shoots are becoming more and more popular over the past few years. Though a lot of Canadian brides haven’t hopped on the trend as much yet (it's very popular in the USA) but you ALL deserve to be celebrated!

As a Calgary wedding photographer, I find pure joy in helping you look and feel your best. Both before and after your wedding day!! I believe this time in your life is important to remember. Your portrait is a snapshot of you the year you got married. When you look back in 10 to 30 years it is wonderful to see what a beautiful bride you once were.

Are you ready to book your bridal portraits? Make sure to reach out here! We love connecting and documenting your pre-wedding memories. We also have elopement and wedding photography packages. You will find a lot of inspiration in our blog for the location, themes, and many more.

If you are looking for a Calgary elopement photographer, contact us here. Time flies quickly. Let us help you savour and capture every precious second of this very special moment of your life.

PS: Have you LOVED the photos from this bridal photo shoot?

When you book us as your wedding photographer, feel free to ask other vendors as well! We are more than happy to recommend the favorites that we worked with all the time. Special shout out to Stephanie at Oh Snap Photo Camper who has the cutest little photo booth meets wedding backdrop. Make sure to check her out!!

Here is a list of alllll the incredible vendors that contributed to the beautiful photos you see here:

Photographer: @flyfreeweddings

Videographer: @flyfreefilm_canada

Photo Booth: @ohsnapphotocamper

Faux Florals/Rugs: @bloomscreens

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