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Anniversary Photos Celebrating 10 Years of Adventure Together

Today's adventure session was one of our absolute favourites. Not only is the couple incredibly (Chelsea is actually the owner of Adventure Floral here in Calgary!), but it was such a welcome reminder that there are so many moments in life worth celebrating. Chelsea and Tyler have been together for 10 years now (married for 6) and they wanted to document their ten years of adventure together - incorporating all of their favourite things into one (pretty amazing) adventure photoshoot in Crowsnest pass.

10 year anniversary photo shoot in Crowsnest Pass

Crowsnest Pass Photos

We started in town having an ice cream cone (one of Nala's favourite parts, I'm sure, since she got her own mini cone!) and then moved to the road for some photos with Tyler's bike! It was a lot of fun for me as the photographer because I got to experiment and play with different angles while they enjoyed the ride together.

After that, we traded the bike for Tyler's work truck - another vehicle he absolutely loves. Chelsea brought up their old record player and a few records for them to enjoy. After that, we headed up to Frankslide for some pizza (and an absolutely incredible view). I'm pretty sure that was one of Nala's favourite parts too!

By now, Tyler was just about ready to be done with the photos so we had a quick outfit change (Chelsea took advantage of our client closet and chose a gorgeous burgundy dress!). After a few more photos in front of the lake, we let Tyler have some time fishing and took some gorgeous solo shots of Chelsea! It started to sprinkle rain for just a few minutes but for the most part, the weather held out and was absolutely gorgeous! Either way - we were prepared with clear umbrellas.

Planning their Anniversary Photos Session in Crowsnest Pass

I absolutely love every chance I get to photograph couples in Crowsnest Pass. Tyler works in the area, which made it easy to find the perfect locations that were not only beautiful (and private) but were also meaningful to them as Chelsea often went down to Crowsnest Pass to visit him at work. While we were planning the session, it was important that we include as many "real life" elements as possible into this adventure session. Tyler rode his bike down, Chelsea packed up Nala (their absolute gem of a fur baby). Tyler brought his fishing rod, and Chelsea packed up their old record player and a few of their favourite records. She also designed the most incredible bouquet (but as one of the top florists - I expected nothing less). There is a reason why we partner with Adventure floral for florals in our elopement packages.

Adventure Session in Crowsnest Pass

Celebrate Every Anniversary

I absolutely love how Chelsea is passionate about celebrating every anniversary. 10 years together is a big deal, and I was honoured to be their third wheel documenting each incredible moment. If you are looking for an adventure photographer, we would be thrilled to be considered. The entire team here at Fly Free Photography never turns down an opportunity to make the most out of your session. For more details, get in touch with us here. Have a few moments, here is a video we did up of there special day. Video just captures things in a whole different way.

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