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5 Reason to Elope in Costa Rica

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You all know her. “That girl.” The one who eloped in Ireland or Vegas or maybe even a tropical paradise like Costa Rica. You could never imagine doing that, I mean, isn’t having a huge wedding tradition? Aren’t you supposed to plan a single day for 6 months to 3 years? What would your grandmother think?! Well, I’m here to tell you that she would think eloping to Costa Rica is an amazing idea if she knew these reasons why. So sit back, grab a pina colada, and send a link to this blog post to grandma because there are 5 phenomenal reasons why you should elope in Costa Rica.

Number One: Elopement is all about YOU!

When you have a giant wedding with 500 of your closest friends, it is stressful. No matter who you hire, no matter who is in your corner, or how easy the venue promises to make your big day. Anytime you have to seat, feed, and entertain that many people tensions will run high. Many brides regret the stress that comes along with a traditional wedding.

Elopement takes the stress out of your big day and focuses on you and your soon to be hubby. Can you imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, grabbing breakfast and getting your hair and makeup done by our amazing artist, and simply walking outside to say your most intimate, heartfelt vows? Because that is what an elopement is like! There is no pressure to make sure everyone you have ever known is happy and having a good time. The focus is on YOU and your love, and the photos will show just how happy and stress free that day can be. Your love is sure to shine through, and there are no distractions, only YOU!

Number Two: Costa Rica is beautiful.

This one is a little obvious, but Costa Rica has some of the most amazing natural backdrops on the earth. Do you want light and airy beach photos? How about dark and moody jungle photos? Oh, you want to get married at the bottom of a volcano? Sure, why not! Costa Rica has it all and the landscape is simply unmatched! There are beautiful natural flowers, trees, waterfalls, beaches, mountains, and more.

Many of Costa Rica’s beaches have black sand and giant rock formations that make for amazing edgy photos. There are also traditional white sand beaches with the beautiful lush green palm trees nearby. One of the more unique beaches, Playa Flamingo, even has pink sand! The options are endless for that perfect beach wedding. A beautiful volcano is Arenal Volcano, which has some amazing colors surrounding it and is sure to be one of the more unique experiences in your life! The natural landscape will only be outshone by your smile and your love that day.

Number Three: Cost.

Did you know that the cost of an average US wedding in 2016 according to is $35,329? The average cost in Canada is $30,000. Can you even imagine what you could do with all that dough? A brand new car often cost less! Instead of spending that amount of money on a single day, consider spending only a fraction for an experience you will never forget. Beaches are public and 100% free to use for the ceremony. Besides a bouquet (if you want one), you really won’t need any decorations because, as stated above, the backdrops are already absolutely stunning. You can get hotel rooms for pennies on the dollar and eat some amazing food for prices that would shock you (in a good way!). So if you’d rather put money to good use elsewhere and still have an amazing wedding experience, Costa Rica might be your best option!

Number Four: Adventure.

Do you have an adventurous soul and long for excitement in your day to day life? What if you could get married and already be on your honeymoon as soon as the ceremony was done? As far as adventure goes, Costa Rica is the place to be. Zip-lining, jet-skiing, scuba-diving, waterfall jumping, helicopter tours, deep sea fishing, sunset sailing, monkey farming, volcano exploring, and ATVing are just some of the options for outdoor activities in Costa Rica. There is an abundance of adventure. And the best part? If it’s more your style to sit on the beach with a tropical drink all day, you can do that too!

Traditional weddings have their place for some people, but others long for more adventure and excitement. Costa Rica is a wonderful way to foster that sense of exploring while continuing to explore your love

Number Five: Your partner will thank you.

Instead of stressing about seating and food options with your fiance, what if you could plan your scuba adventure and pick out the cutest chic hotel on a Saturday night during your engagement? Cake tasting would be replaced with volcano tours. All day set up would be replaced with a short and easy plane ride. What if you took all of the financial and emotional stress out of the wedding and you were simply left with a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase your love in one of the most beautiful countries on earth? Elopements are a great option for those who want to relax during their engagement, instead of worrying about details of a giant wedding. You and your partner will grow closer together as you plan this adventure and the excitement of the trip will be unparalleled. If you want a true pura vida wedding experience, consider eloping in Costa Rica!

If you have ever considered eloping to Costa Rica or even doing a vow renewal there, I would love to chat with you! I have an amazing team that I work with and nothing would make me happier then bringing your dream elopement to live!! Let's Chat!!

Yours Truly,

Krystal =)

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