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Emotional Vow Renewal Costa Rica: A Love Story in Guanacaste

First off, I'm warning you - You might be a puddle by the end of this post, I was for the whole day! If you didn't already know, I have roots and a deep love for Costa Rica, I've spent the last 16 years in the Guanacaste area during our Canadian winters and backpacked pretty much the whole country. I'm in love with the country, the people, the culture.. pretty much everything. So, when I was given the opportunity to do a vow renewal in a country near and dear to my heart, it honestly left me speechless.

Vow Renewal Costa Rica

Kameron and Dexter have been married for six years and didn’t decide on a vow renewal for no reason. Four years ago, Dexter was in an accident and he sustained a traumatic brain injury. What they shared that in the four years that followed their marriage had so many ups and downs, but mostly downs. The past few years had been incredibly hard on this couple but they had decided that their vow “in sickness and in health” was a serious one and they would fight for their love.

After the trials of the brain injury and while pregnant with their third child, Dexter and Kameron decided to move to Costa Rica. Their faith, mental and physical health, and marriage have all grown tremendously there and they felt like the perfect place to do their vow renewal was in Costa Rica.

The day was gorgeous and their vows were truly heartfelt. Even though the entire day was photographed, Kameron and Dexter were able to only focus on their love and their relationship and it was so gorgeous to see! Kameron promised to love and stick by Dexter no matter what other trials may come, and Dexter promised to continue to love and grow and take care of his family, even if it meant he had to work ten times as hard.

As they read their vows there wasn’t a dry eye. I am so thankful that I could capture a couple who is fighting for their love in one of my most favorite places on earth!

Getting Married in Costa Rica

If you have considered getting married in Costa Rica or having a vow renewal here is our ultimate guide to answering all your questions about planning something in this tropical paradise. If you are on the fence about making this dream a reality you need our secret ingredient for your dreamy Costa Rican elopement! It's about more than just capturing moments; it's about connecting cultures, understanding your love story, and bringing a touch of home to a paradise setting. Whether it's embracing the unexpected weather or finding those hidden gems only a well-traveled eye can spot, I'm here to make your elopement unforgettable. Let's chat about making magic together in Costa Rica.

Yours Truly,

xo Krystal


Hair & Makeup: House of Beauty

Dress: JH Gowns

Photo & Film: Fly Free Photography

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