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Vow Renewal Adventure Tips

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The Beautiful Adventure of Vow Renewal

You’ve made it! You’ve been married for years and now you’re ready to celebrate your milestone. Or maybe you and your spouse want to rededicate your love and commitment to one another. Whatever your reason, a vow renewal is a beautiful way for you to tell the world you are still in love.

What are some other reasons for vow renewals?

Some couples choose to renew their vows due to the longevity of their marriage, but others want a sense of starting over. Maybe you have separated from your spouse for a while or your partner walked out on you, but came back. Perhaps you eloped years ago and never had the ceremony or reception you dreamed of. Whatever the reason, vow renewals are a wonderful way to celebrate your love with your family and friends.

Where do you hold the vow renewal?

There’s no right or wrong place to hold our vow renewal ceremony. You can host it in your backyard or your favorite park. Many couples plan a destination vow renewal at their favorite beach or a vacation resort on a tropical island. The sky is the limit, but your budget is also the limit. Decide how much you want to spend for your vow renewal ceremony.

Here are a few suggestions to keep your costs down but still have the beautiful vow renewal adventure you’ve dreamed about.

Make your own invitations - You can cut your costs by creating your own invites. All you need to create lovely invites is a computer and printer. Of course, if you’re willing to go really casual, you can send evites, but there’s a chance some of your guests won’t get them. Of course, if you want a more formal setting, it’s best to use regular paper invites. You may find discounted wedding invites at stores, or if you are up for supporting locals rather then big box stores we are partnered with the fantastic Lilo K Designs! Feel free to check her out!

Wedding sites - Choose the venue you that sets the tone you want for your vow renewal ceremony. City parks often rent out gazebos or stages where you can host your vow renewals in the beauty of the great outdoors. Or if you have a friend who has a large home with a grand entranceway, ask her if you host your ceremony there.

Music - Ask a local college, high school, or church if they have students who could play for your ceremony. They usually don’t charge for these services. Usually, the students enjoy playing for a good meal that you can provide after they play. Who officiates - Since you already have your marriage certificate, you don’t need a pastor to officiate. Ask a good friend or family member to do the job. Buy them a bottle of wine or a small gift as a thank you gift.

Limit alcohol - Alcohol is expensive. Limit your vow ceremony to lemonade and coffee or purchase several cases of wine at a big box store. Who comes to the vow renewal?

So who comes to your vow renewal ceremony?

Basically anyone you want should come-friends, family and co-workers. You can bring your pets if you want!

What about a photographer?

One thing you shouldn’t skimp on is the pictures. Hire a professional photographer who will capture your ceremony with good quality photographs. Experienced photographers edit their work so every photo will be perfect. You’ll be glad you didn’t cut corners when you see the amazing pictures of your wonderful day.

What don’t I need at my vow renewal?

You don’t need to recreate your wedding. It’s a new season in your life and you’re ready for a new start, not a repeat performance. You don’t need the same things at your vow renewal that you had at your wedding. Here’s a list of what you don’t need:

Flowers - Flowers are nice but can run up your costs. You can choose to carry a single flower, but don’t worry about decorating the venue with flowers. If we are just having a vow renewal with the two of you, I have partnered with the amazing lady over at Adventure Floral to bring you a discounted price on your beautiful bouquet or anything you are wanting for yourself. *cough flower crown cough*

Bridesmaids or groomsmen - This day is only about you and your spouse.

Reception - You don’t need a big reception, but you may want heavy appetizers or a simple sit down meal.

Favors - Not needed.

Wedding dress - You don’t need to wear a wedding dress unless you want to or if you still fit into your old wedding dress. Your husband/groomdoesn’t need to wear a tux again unless he wants to. A simple, but elegant dress will do, or if you’re overseas for your vow renewal dress like the country you’re in. If you’re on a tropical island, wear a flowered dress and flowers in your hair. Your spouse can wear khakis shorts and a gauze shirt.

What does the ceremony look like?

Your vow renewal ceremony looks like whatever you and your spouse want it to look like. Many couples choose a simple ceremony reading their original wedding vows or they create new vows. You may want to have a little music or a reading of a poem or scripture that is meaningful to you and your spouse. The main thing is to create an atmosphere where you can best celebrate your years together and create new memories for the future.

I hope you found this helpful in planning your vow renewal!

If you need help planning & documenting your beautiful elopement or intimate wedding day please do not hesitate to reach out. We are Krystal & Mike, a soon to be Husband and Wife team that offer our couples both photo and video, as well as planning and logistics! We have some awesome all inclusive elopement packages to help couples navigate through all the craziness and would love to chat with you! Please feel free to contact us here, or check out our work at -

xo Krystal

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