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Vancouver Cherry Blossom Bridal Photos

If you have ever been to Vancouver in the springtime, you know how BEAUTIFUL things are. Everything is green and lush, flowers are blooming and there are so many pops of color no matter where you are. The Vancouver cherry blossoms are definitely the highlight of Spring though, as a lot of people come from all over to the Cherry Blossom Festival. If you are looking for a unique pop to your wedding, I'd consider cherry blossom wedding photos - because why not!

If you are new here, welcome! I'm Krystal, owner and boss babe of Fly Free Photography. Our team and I specialize in wedding and elopement photography. Even though we are based in Calgary, we travel worldwide and I personally am in BC a lot throughout the year. So if you are on the hunt for a Vancouver wedding photographer I'd love to chat with you!

Cherry Blossom Wedding Photos

If you have ever wanted a unique wedding idea that can only happen during a specific time of the year, then Cherry Blossoms are for you! Not only are they stunning to look at, but also make a beautiful backdrop for photos. You can typically find them in white and pink colors in the lower mainland area, so if you are going for the soft pastel feel for your wedding these are perfect!

Honestly though, even if you plan to get married in a different season, it doesn't mean you can't capitalize on wearing your dress again and getting bridal or couple photos during the Cherry Blossom season. Even though the Vancouver cherry blossom festival only runs till late April, you can still find beautiful blooms into the start of May! Trust me, it is so worth it - check out these stunning bridal portraits we did last weekend!

Unique Wedding Ideas

Who says you can't add a little bit of style and personality to your shoots? This beautiful bride eloped with her now husband in North Van in April (literally just over a month of being newlyweds) Her hubs had bought her a new jacket on their recent trip to Calgary and I was so stoked that she brought it to our shoot as it really did add a unique element into her shoot. Not to mention, the fact we did this shoot after her actual wedding, she got full-on spring in all its glory and got to incorporate her new jacket into the photos. I'm always game to show off some sass! ha!

Vancouver Wedding Photographer

All in all, I'd say this bridal portrait session was a huge success, the Vancouver cherry blossoms are always a win to shoot in, and if you get the opportunity I would take it! Honestly, spring in general in BC brings so much beauty - If you time it right you might even be able to take advantage of the blossoms and the tulip festival all in the same day! *wink wink* However your special day looks, please make it represent who you are, the sky is the limit friend! If you ever find yourself on the hunt for a Vancouver wedding photographer or a photographer up for an epic portrait session like the above, I'd love to chat with you more!

Awesome Team:

Hair and Makup: Yes Mona

Photography and Planning: Yours Truly

Xo Krystal

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