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Snuggly Winter Engagement Session

Winter is the absolute perfect time for engagement photos. If you've never had professional photos done, this is a great opportunity to snuggle up to your loved one - which this weather brings out in all of us!

I, Kait one of the Fly Free Photography team members, particularly love engagement sessions because they can be anything and everything you wanted and more. In this case it was important for Krystyn and Gabe to bring their gorgeous pup Ripley to the shoot as she won't be attending the wedding. It's also an opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day - which is huge when there is already all sorts of wedding day butterflies!

As for Krystyn and Gabe - they absolutely understood the assignment! Not only did they show up looking super cute, but the love they have for one another shows in each and every photo of them!

Engagement sessions

Lastly, these engagement sessions gives us a chance at Fly Free Photography to build connection and trust between us and our clients prior to showing up on your wedding day! This is a big part of the Fly Free Families core values as come your wedding day we hope to be more than just your photographer but also apart of your cheer squad and confidants as we capture all your beautiful moments!

As I mentioned, the opportunities to make your engagement session your own are endless! If you'd like to see another beautiful winter engagement here is another one for you to check out! If I haven't convinced you to click the link yet - I'll share with you an insider secret - They went skating in Kananaskis!!!

Till next time friends,

Xo Kait

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