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A Foggy Rocky Mountain Wedding

If you're looking for ideas for your Kananaskis wedding and different "venue" options, keep reading! Imagine your day filled with the beauty of the Rockies, your closest loved ones and all the epic weather one would want in their day! Amy and Vincent got married at lower Kananaskis Lake and it was SO BEAUTIFUL!

Rocky Mountain Elopement Packages

Hey there! I - Krystal, am so happy that you're here to learn a bit more about who we are at Fly Free Photography! Here at Fly Free we have a fabulous team of photographers and an in house videographer and let me tell yah, we love adventure, travel and dreamy weddings. If you are on the search for the perfect rocky mountain elopement packages, you have come to the right place, you can learn more about the elopement packages we offer here.

Now back to this gorgeous mountain wedding!

Vincent and Amy are a super loving, fun and transparent couple! He's from Calgary and Amy's from Houston, Texas! They met and started dating about seven years back when Vince was living in Texas! He eventually ended up moving back to Calgary, while Amy stayed in Houston. While they were dating, Amy knew she wanted to have children and started to get a bit concerned with her biological clock. She asked Vince to ask for her hand in marriage not once, but twice. Each time with a resounding no, at the end of the question.

The discussions about breaking up became a thing, because it seemed like they didn't want the same things. However, they never actually acted on the separation discussions. After all of that he finally asked Amy to marry him and be his best friend for life, and she said YES! Needless to say, their day was filled with a lot of emotions. I love learning about couples stories and what makes them unique, because sometimes the journey has ups and downs, but it's part of the adventure!

Kananaskis Wedding

Planning your wedding anywhere in the mountains can be a gamble, as we never truly know what the weather will be like, especially when you toss a lake like lower Kananaskis lake in the mix. When we got to the ceremony site in the morning it was locked in with fog, but was so dreamy and mystical. You couldn’t see across the lake AT ALL. As the ceremony went on they had their own personalized vows which were super cute. Their vows were supposed to be five liners (that’s what they had agreed on), Amy’s was a five liner but Vince’s was a four paragrapher, ha-ha! But super cute and sentimental none the less! By the time the ceremony was done the fog had lifted and the sun was over the mountain peaks. It was so crystal clear that we could see the reflection of the mountain in the lake, it was stunning! We couldn't have asked for anything better! Hallelujah! The couple had opted for a little three hour elopement and it was so beautiful the way the weather panned out.

Kananaskis Wedding Venues

Amy and Vince had about eight of their closest friends and family join them for their wedding. Some came from Houston and some from Calgary. Kananaskis lakes offer such a beautiful background for photos and video that we didn't have to do much driving at all and let's just say, I'm head over heels in love with how they turned out. Did you know that we offer all inclusive elopement packages that include hair and makeup from Sam at House of Beauty and florals from Chelsea at Adventure Floral. Both Sam and Chelsea did an AH-MAZING job, as per usual! I love working with my awesome team to deliver A+ service to all our clients!

Being a little adventurous and willing to go outside of the norm is what got these two such amazing wedding photos! Although they do plan on having a traditional Catholic ceremony back in Huston with their families, I'm forever thankful they were willing to step outside the box and come adventure in the mountains with us! The beautiful fall florals Chels did up mixed with the beauty of the Rocky mountains - you honestly can't go wrong. Not all venues need to be in a building, sometimes the best ones are in the great outdoors!

Adventure Wedding Photographers

As adventure wedding photographers, we always make sure no matter the weather that we get beautiful photos for you and your loved ones! If you are looking for a wedding photographer we'd love to chat with you more and help you plan the best day, feel free to get in contact here! You can also check out some more Kananaskis wedding ideas and inspiration here.

Calgary Wedding Vendors

Below is a list of the incredible Calgary wedding vendors that made this beautiful Kananaskis Mountain wedding possible! If you are looking for a wedding photo and video team, you can connect with us directly here.

Officiant: ACP Weddings

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