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Mothers Day Photo Shoot near Calgary

Mother's day is fast approaching and if you have considered booking a mommy and me photoshoot for you and your littles, now is the time!

Here at Fly Free Photography love is our thing! Whether that's wedding photos, or Mother's day photos, we love to bring families together! We have tons of experience with families of all kinds, and are excited to capture your special moments together! You can check out some of our other mini photo sessions.

If you are ready to book your Mommy and Me Photos on May 5, 2024 please head here to snag your spot, as spots are limited!

Mommy and Me Minis

Mini sessions are little fragments of what a full photo session might look like. I love mini sessions because I get to put my creative hat on, offer beautiful photos at a lower price and they are so much fun, for all of us! Mini sessions are often scheduled for specific dates (usually about 15 minutes long) and are themed with a season or holiday - in this case Mommy and Me Minis for Mother's Day!

"Krystal did the photos for my maternity and our mommy and me shoot 9 months later. I was

reluctant to get maternity photos done as I had a hard pregnancy and didn't feel up to being

photographed. I am SO glad I did them. I find myself reflecting back on these photos all the

time. I loved every image and how she made me feel so beautiful and confident.

It was without a doubt I said yes to the mommy and me minis that she was hosting. I love how Krystal can capture the special moments so that we have these memories forever. She is

incredibly talented and kind. I can't wait to see how she captures our family as we grow." - Chelsea

Mother's Day Photo Shoot

You may be wondering why you should book a Mother's Day Photo Shoot? Well, I'm here to answer your questions. Memories last a lifetime but moments last for a minute. As I'm sure you've heard it said, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Photos capture special moments in our lives that we can look back on, remember, share with others and inspire for the future. I often hear that when children grow into adults and start having children of their own they relate better to their parents, and understand why they had so many photos taken as kids. Another reason is that littles grow QUICKLY! Being able to capture those moments when they're still small can bring you back to those special moments together. And as they grow they'll be able to look back on those memories and see that their mama was there with them!

"Krystal is absolutely amazing! I recently did a Mommy & Me session with her & the photos turned out amazing. She is also very prompt and professional to work with.

Thank you Krystal for our amazing photos!" - Rachel Mah Poy

Mommy and Me Photoshoot

I absolutely love mommy and me photoshoots! There is nothing more precious than the bond between mom's and their children. They say when a woman becomes a mother everything changes. No matter how much your kiddos grow they will always be your babies and we want to help capture those moments for you and your family! These mini sessions are great for mama's with small kiddos or adults because the sessions are short and sweet, so you'll be in and out in no time!

Mommy Photoshoot

Mommy photoshoots are another great idea for Mother's Day. Why? Because moms are usually the record-keepers of their family; and because of that moms tend not to be in pictures very often. Mama, you shouldn't always be the one behind the camera! As your wee ones grow they'll want to see and keep more photos of you. There is no time like the present, so make some time for family portraits TODAY. Moms are the glue that hold families together! YOU ARE IMPORTANT! You deserve to exist in photos and to be remembered exactly how you are - beautiful! And if you feel a little camera shy, don't worry, I got you! Having professional mother's day photos can boost your confidence as we help you with poses that suit you, plus have the experience and knowledge on lighting, laughing techniques and more. We make sure that you not only look amazing but feel amazing in your photos!

"Krystal did such an amazing job taking our family photos! Our little kids sometimes have problems posing for photos…understandably. Why stand for photos when you can play right lol! But Krystal did such a great job being patient and engaging them to get such perfect photos! I am IN LOVE with our Christmas family photos this year! We plan to have Krystal continue taking family photos for us, as we’re also a homeschool family and don’t have the in school photos taken of the kids yearly. Thank you SO much!" - Sherese McKie

Calgary Lifestyle Photographers

We hope you are inspired by this blog to ponder what your next session might look like. If you have a unique idea for your lifestyle photos, we'd love to hear from you! If you are looking for a Calgary lifestyle photographer, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you are ready to book your Mommy and Me Photos on May 5, 2024 please head here to snag your spot, as spots are limited!

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