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Beautiful Family Photos from Christmas Mini Sessions in Calgary

Boy, did I ever get to capture some absolutely incredible families this past year! Seriously, we did a few rounds of "Christmas minis" in 2021 and I loved the different setups and energy that each family brought to their session. In case you are wondering - we can pack A LOT into a 15-minute session and my hope today is that you draw some inspiration from these incredible families. Some families chose to lean into Christmas, and others chose a more relaxed winter backdrop that didn't feel overly holiday-themed.

Although we are primarily known as elopement photographers, the truth is, we love to wear our Calgary family photographer hats when schedules allow! If you've been thinking about family photos, you don't need to wait for the next holiday or round of mini sessions. You can contact us here and we would love to talk about different options and ideas for your unique family!

Winter Newborn Photos

One of our FAVOURITE parts about Christmas mini sessions this year, was how many of them doubled as newborn photos! Below are a couple of our favourite sessions, one choosing a more neutral winter setting and the other feeling a little more like Christmas. Those little hands and toes are PRECIOUS so if you recently added a new addition to your family (or know someone who has!), we highly recommend booking in soon to capture this incredible (fast-moving) time.

A Fun Pregnancy Announcement

This was such a special session because not only were we announcing a pregnancy (and their only son being promoted to "big brother"), they also brought their dogs! If location allows, we will ALWAYS encourage bringing your dogs. After all, if you are like most of our couples, your fur babies are a huge part of your family and they deserve to be celebrated too!

Pregnancy announcement - son sitting with chalkboard sign announcing big brother

Celebrating your Family of 2

I'm just going to come out and say it - whether your family is made up of 100 cousins or you prefer to celebrate your little family of two, we are here for it! This session was one of our absolute favorites (as wedding photographers, we love to celebrate love, after all). These two had a lot of it!

Calgary Family Photographers

We hope the above (and below!) photos give you inspiration for what YOUR next session could look like. We are always open to your ideas (even the kind of crazy ones!) so if you are looking for a Calgary family photographer, please don't hesitate to get in touch here!

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