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Moraine Lake Surprise Proposal

If you are looking to plan a surprise engagement photoshoot, this blog is for you!!

Sunrise Moraine Lake

Niraj had reached out to me quite a few months ago to plan a surprise proposal at Moraine Lake, after lots of communication and planning he finally put in their itinerary that they were going there to watch the sunrise. If you've never been, Moraine Lake is crazy hard to get into, it was especially nutty this year, my goodness. We had to be back on the trailhead by 2:30 am to even get parking and the parking lot was full by 3:30am. It was absolutely crazy! Side note, when planning a trip to Moraine Lake trust me when I say, you will want to check out some tips I've put together in another blog.

If you're new to Fly Free Photography I'd like to say, welcome! We're so happy that you're here to learn a bit more about us! My name is Krystal, boss babe at Fly Free Photos. Originally, this business was a solo adventure. We've now grown into an amazing team made up of three talented, and hopeless romantic photographers. Each of us love nothing more than to help you create lasting memories of your love story! You can learn more about our team or skip straight to pricing info here.

Back to Moraine Lake awesomeness, Mili and Niraj flew up to Canada from the USA. Mili is in nursing school and taking a 4 year program in 16 months, which is quite the feat! But I know she'll fly through that program! She had a week break so they decided to come to Canada. They were considering either Banff, Patagonia or Chile and they decided on Banff for her week off. I am SO glad that they did & that I had the privilege of meeting then, they are such a cute couple together!

Surprise Proposal

The surprise was SO good! Mili had no clue whatsoever. Niraj had packed some clothes for them to change into, so they went back down and changed before we did a little photo session and hung out around Moraine Lake. The weather was so nice, it was threatening thunderstorms all day as per the mountains do and you never really know what's going to happen. We didn't get the first sun sunrise, as it was pretty cloudy but we still got some beautiful sun on the lake and it was just a really gorgeous day. They celebrated by having lunch at Lake Louise Fairmont afterwards. And then they continued to enjoy the couple of days they had left here in Canada. I love super fun, adventurous couples who like to do awesome things!

Calgary Photographer

As a Calgary engagement photographer, I always want to make sure to capture your special moment exactly how you want to remember it and as it was. If you are looking for an engagement photographer I'd love to chat with you more and help you plan the most epic day, feel free to get in contact here! You can also check out a ton of photo session ideas and inspiration on our blog. Xo Krystal

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