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Maple Del Acres Summer Wedding

It was a hot, beautiful July day, a most perfect day for Kassie and Ty’s Maple Del Acres summer wedding! I am happy to share all about it on the blog today, it was such a wonderful experience capturing the beautiful couple. I swear this is one of the most touching weddings, everyone and I mean everyone, was tearing up. Kassie and Ty’s wedding had sentimental touches everywhere and in everything from beginning to end. The occasion was held at a little venue called Maple del Acres. Kassie’s grandparents are good friends of the owner of the property, who used to do weddings there for some years and have since retired. The only reason Kassie was able to have her wedding there is because they’re family friends. Lucky gal!

Maple del acres is a beautifully rustic wedding venue just outside Bowden Ab. If you are interested in this venue I’ve got good news: the lovely couple who bought the property are going to continue holding weddings there! And if you want to shop around for other small wedding venues near Calgary, please visit our 7+ small venues blog.

Groom holding antique bicycle while his bride holds him close

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Kassie chose to have her summer barn wedding at Maple Del Acres because growing up she spent a lot of childhood days there with her Deedo, which is her grandpa. He used to have his horses out on the acreage and they used to go there all the time in the summer. Her grandpa sadly passed away before her wedding, but he was surely present in mind and spirit. The nostalgia could be felt by everyone. The wedding ceremony was held outside this lovely little wooden church on the property. It was beautifully decorated, the bride has an obsession with all things Disney and the set-up was well done.

Before the ceremony Kassie shared letters she wrote to both her parents. They read it before the first look with her dad which was so sweet and super emotional. Ty’s first look with her was also tear-jerking, I don’t usually cry at weddings and I was even choking up a little bit. They were both so tender and loving: their personalized vows, the way his love for her just oozed out onto everyone, everyone was crying; it was so good. The wedding ceremony was awesome, Kassie looked like a Disney princess! Afterwards, we took photos around the property which were stunning. There is this little tree tunnel and a swing, an old barn and old cars…it was super awesome. One of her bridesmaids actually could not come last minute so she asked one of her really good friends to step in as a ‘best bro’, so he was there on the girls' side hanging out. That was fun! The guys all wore cowboy hats and cowboy boots and full on suits beautifully, bless their hearts, cause it was hot!

Dinner was prepared by Remi catering, phenomenal food; Chicken Cordon Bleu and roast beef, So delicious! There were heartfelt speeches and first dances; Kassie did her first dance with her dad to the song butterfly kisses, which I learned had a huge significance between the two of them. When she was a little girl she always used to give her dad butterfly kisses before she went to bed and she would never get on a pony without her dad being there, terrified as she was. As if that isn't enough to start the water works, after dinner she had wine she had made with her grandpa before he passed away. Kassie kept it for her wedding and brought a picture of him for the occasion.. She opened the wine in memory of him, poured two glasses: for him and her, and gave a cheer. It was a super sweet, tearful moment to just spend with the person who meant the world to her.

Afterwards we went off to do ‘sunset’ photos in a wheat field just down the road. Due to the amount of smoke we had from the forest fires, we didn't get your normal golden light at sunset, however, it was still but it was still absolutely gorgeous. Overall, it was great and couldn’t have gone better. It was hot but so worth it.

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Kassie and Ty are a super awesome couple, they were actually a referral from Brianna and Travis. Kassie was in their wedding party from the wedding we shot 3 years ago. Brianna and Travis were also in attendance at Kassie and Ty’s wedding, it was really good to see them. We love it when we get to see old clients again. If you are looking for a wedding photographer to have fun with on YOUR wedding day, we would absolutely love to be considered! Get in touch here and we will respond right away!

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As Calgary wedding photographers we offer our couples both photo and video, as well as planning and logistics! If you need help planning & documenting your intimate wedding day please do not hesitate to reach out. Please feel free to contact us, or check out our work at - Get a copy of our FREE wedding timeline checklist while you are there.



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