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How to Write Wedding Vows

When it comes to writing your wedding vows, it’s about speaking from the heart and

turning your emotions into memorable words on paper. Of course, this isn’t always an

easy thing to do. We have created a template that you can follow when you begin

writing your wedding vows, to prevent you from running into writer’s block.

But first, if we've never met - Hey!! I'm Krystal, a Calgary wedding and elopement photographer! Feel free to read more about me and our team here. If you are on the search for a photo or video team to document your beautiful day and have questions, I'd love to chat! Alright, let's get right into a template for writing your beautiful vows!

Start off your wedding vows with a statement about who your better half is to you

as a person:

This may be your partner in crime, your best friend, your lover, or your everything.

Continue by highlighting what you love most about your better half:

When did you first fall in love with your better half? What about your better half has led

you both to promise forever? What do you miss most about your better half when you’re

not around each other? Writing down ideas of the things you love about your special

person can make getting your thoughts together a whole lot easier. Find a theme and

focus on the things that really stand out, you don’t have to cover every single thing-

otherwise your ceremony won’t ever end.

Use a story that will bring your love to life:

Now is the moment to use an anecdote or to tell a story that will bring your love to life.

Personal stories are ones that are memorable, and will give your guests an intimate

insight into your love for your better half.

Make promises to your better half that you will keep:

Such as vowing to always support your better half, or even making a light-hearted and

funny promise such as never to steal the bed covers unless your better half is hogging

them. Most importantly, mention the specific ways that you will show your partner your

love for them, this can be in funny ways, romantic ways, or even in ways only the two of

you will understand. If you and your partner would like your wedding day to celebrate

your faith, consider incorporating wedding bible verses and religious wedding vows. Use

words in your wedding vows like I promise, I vow, and I pledge.

Personalize your promise to your partner by using romantic wedding vows:

Encompass your love, promise, and devotion to your partner by using romantic wedding


Personalize your promise to your partner by using funny wedding vows:

If you and your partner humor each other, adding some funny wedding vows will make

them stay true to the both of you. After all, your wedding day will be one of the most

memorable and happiest days of your life.

Mention the things that the two of you will specifically do together:

Continue your wedding vows by mentioning the things that the two of you will

specifically do together to accomplish your goals in life. Use phrases such as together,

with you, and we will.

Reassure your partner that you will be there for them even when times are tough:

Tell your partner that this is for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, and that

you will always be there for them even when times are rough.

Wrap up your wedding vows by taking a look towards the future:

Looking towards the future includes your aspirations and goals together. How will the

love for each other remodel your home? How will the love for each other set the tone to

starting and raising your family together? What are you looking forward to most with the

start of your journey together?

End your wedding vows with one last promise:

The promise for eternity, of forever, the promise of until death do us part- as long as we

both shall live.

My hope is that you walk away with a good foundation and guideline to write your personalized vows to your lover! If you need anymore help with all things weddings, I would love to help you in anyway I can! We area photo and video team in Calgary and the Rocky mountains and would love to connect with you!



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