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How to Add Adventure to Your Wedding Photos

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Weddings are memory-making celebrations. They are a one-of-a-kind day for you and your partner to express your love to one another. Although weddings are always unique, the pictures often look so staged. So, how do you add some adventure to your wedding photos?

Weddings are big old celebrations filled with laughter, tears, and cheers. Family, friends, and co-workers celebrate your big day with you. Why not add some of the most adventurous wedding photos you can on your big day? It takes some out-of-the-box kind of thinking, but you can do it. Here are some suggestions.

1. Find an unusual place to get married

Nothing is off-limits for a wedding venue these days. Whether you choose to get married underwater, on top of a mountain, or inside a deep canyon, you’ll be sure to get some amazing wedding photos. When you get married in an unusual place, your wedding photos will naturally look like you had an adventure because you did. Just be sure to hire a photographer who has experience shooting weddings in the kind of location you want.

2. Take your wedding photos out to the ballgame

Do you and your finance love going to professional baseball games? Why not head off to a ballgame in your wedding attire for fun baseball wedding photos? Grab your photographer and hit the stadium. Your wedding photos will be a home run with the stands and the game in the background. You may even get noticed by the team and land a photo with your favorite player.

3. Say more cheese in your photos

Do you and your partner love food? Why not get some yummy wedding photos at your favorite restaurant? It’s not cheesy to hoist a delicious taco in the air as you smile for the camera. Restaurant owners love this kind of fun publicity. They may join in the fun and ham it up with you and your finance for some delicious wedding photos.

4. Do what you love

A wedding allows you to be as creative as you want. After all, your wedding is the biggest party you’ll ever throw for your friends and family. So add some fun features to your wedding that will stir the kid inside of you. How about an ice cream truck? Some couples order a moon bounce. What memorial pics you’ll have of your little nephew jumping on the moon bounce with you. 5. Amusement park wedding adventure photos

Do you love roller coasters? Why not take a wedding photo while you’re on the ride? Amusement park wedding photos add a touch of whimsy and fun. Get permission from the roller coast operator to have the front car with no one behind you. This gives you and your partner front and center photoshoot opportunities. You can attach a video camera to yourself to video your experience. No doubt the sight of a woman in a white wedding dressing screaming her head off on the roller coaster may cause a stir, but that will just add to the adventure.

6. Unusual clothing

Wedding clothes are traditional. Tuxes, wedding dresses, and heels. But you can mix it up for if you wear wacky hats, or bright red tennis shoes or crazy socks. There’s no limit to the silly, fun way you can spice up your wedding photos with crazy clothing.

7. Movie themes

If you and your finance are movie buffs, add some unique movie touches to your wedding photos. Hire someone to show up as Marvel movie character or a zombie-just be sure you warn your great-grandma about the scary stuff. Turn your love of the movies into unique, quirky move themed wedding photos you’ll prize for years to come.

8. Doggie photos

Dogs are becoming a fun addition in today’s weddings. You can include your best pup n your ceremony. Be sure your photographer gets some great shots of you and your pooch before she heads back home or bring your pup on an adventure session, check out this cute mountain adventure with their good boy!!

9. Swinging at the playground

A playground is an out of the box place for wedding photos. Photos of you sliding down the slide in your wedding dress or flying high in the air on a swing can add a whimsical touch. Just be sure you’re okay with a little dirt and dust on your fancy clothing like you didn’t mind when you were a kid.

10. Day at the museum

Why not take collect your wedding party and photographer to head off to a museum for some super wedding shots? What bride doesn’t want a picture of a Tyrannosaurus rex hovering above her wedding party?

The sky is the limit when it comes to unique ways to add adventure to your wedding photos. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity soar for the best possible photos.

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xo Krystal

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