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Fall Elopement Inspiration in Calgary, AB

Today's fall elopement inspiration is so near and dear to my hear and literally lights my soul on fire. After doing this wedding photoshoot with a team of my favorite Calgary wedding vendors, I'm just SO in love!! If you have been thinking about planning a fall wedding, or you are wondering what eloping *really* looks like, today's post is for you and you have my absolute whole heart in your elopement journey.

As an elopement photographer, I truly believe that eloping is so, incredibly magical. We wanted to create a fall elopement package that would reflect that magic!

Stunning Fall Elopement Packages

When choosing the perfect elopement wedding venue, it was an easy decision to partner with Hill Rise Ranch. If you are interested, I go on and on about how wonderful this wedding venue is here. Although you can elope truly anywhere, I have often found working with couples that they have a hard time "picturing it" or dealing with the uncertainty of "finding the perfect spot on the day" with nobody in the background. If that's ever been a concern in the back of your mind, reserving a wedding venue like Hill Rise is a fantastic option! It's so private, so intimate and just breathtakingly beautiful.

Elopement Style Dining for Two

There is a crazy kind of myth out there that elopements are short and sweet and typically only last 2-3 hours. That does NOT have to be in the case!! We wanted to create an elopement package where it felt like an incredibly intimate, yet luxurious, wedding experience. If you are dreaming of an elopement, where it is truly just the two of you, you could start your wedding day getting married under a gorgeous arch with florals and macramé wedding decor (the perfect boho blend). Then, after photos, enjoy a dining experience for just the two of you.

Fall Wedding Decor

Although we plan on creating elopement packages for every season, there were a few reasons we wanted to start with fall. First, the colors are just so stunning. This citrus and burgundy palette came together so effortlessly with the rustic wood elements and the sun hit everything so perfectly. Here in Alberta, we have the absolute BEST sunsets in the fall, so we wanted to take full advantage of that as well for the photos.

Calgary Wedding Team

If you are looking at these photos and feeling like you've finally found what you are looking for - YAY! Make sure to reach out directly to us here and we will help you every single step of the way.

Elopement Photographer: Fly Free Photography

Florals & Design/Decor: Adventure Floral

Venue & Arch: Hill Rise Ranch

Macrame Wedding Decor: Wild Free Studio

Graze boxes: Johnny & Glo

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