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Epic Surprise Proposal – Moraine Lake

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I love a good engagement shoot in Banff National Park, but a surprise proposal at Moraine lake is a whole different ball game! So much more planning and extra ninja skills go into pulling something like this off! There are literally a million different ideas that one can come up with planning a proposal but to execute it is a different story!

Joey had contacted me knowing he was coming up to Canada for a bachelor “party” (to run a 50K in Vancouver) & that his girlfriend (Candice) was going to join for a few days to check some sites off their bucket list. They had originally met on Bumble and are from Boca, Florida so it was an adventure in itself just coming up here! Haha

Moraine Lake was on their radar thanks to Peter Mckinnon – wait, let me back up! Both Joey & Candice are aspiring photographers, so naturally Mr. Mckinnon was someone they admired and took to heart when posted making Moraine Lake a MUST HAVE on your bucket list! Haha

In my opinion, that also made Joey’s job that much easier! Haha

a. They both already really wanted to go there

b. They both did photography (Landscape, couples and products) & just “happened” to be bringing a beautiful red dress for a product shoot... cough cough

c. He had an excellent idea of what he wanted, which made things a breeze for me.

The Nitty Gritty: We chatted, planned, scouted, met in person the night before Candy flew in & boom, everything came together. The next day we met them for Sunset at the location we had pre determined (without Candace knowing of course) and it was show time!! Joey was “fumbling” with his camera & tripod to get a good shot of the two of them, so being the “Nice Canadian” I am.. I offered to take a few shots and email it to them so they could remember their adventure.

Who says no to that... okay, well not “No” but Candice had full confidence that Joey could execute it himself. Haha Don’t worry, my half nice, half pushiness won & we got to take a few photos of them and then our “okay, just one more” magic happened!!

Oh friends, it could not have been more beautiful the sun was perfectly tucked behind a cloud and shining on the valley of the ten peaks & the perfect stillness and colour of the lake could not have been more radiant! However, I'll let you be the judge.. Take a look!

Moraine Lake, Surprise Proposal, Down on one knee, banff national park

Are you planning an epic trip up to Banff National Park? We simply love shooting in such a beautiful place from Anniversary Session & Engagement Sessions to Weddings & Surprise Proposals we've got you covered!! We would love to help you plan & document your special day, feel free to message us to start dreaming up the most amazing proposal!


If you would like to see Moraine Lake at Sunrise check out Meggie & Nate's Session! Or, if you'd love to see some other beautiful places Alberta has to offer this Alberta Elopement has lots of awesome info and photos!!

Yours Truly, Krystal =)

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