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Elopement Floral Ideas - Hardy flowers that will last (Part 2)

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Elopement Flowers that will last! Yup, you heard me right, no one wants to have their bridal bouquet looking sad and thirsty when they get to their elopement destination! Knowing what types of flowers are resilient and durable will help create beautiful arrangements that can get through all types of weather.

Welcome back friends! If you haven't already read Part 1 of this series, I highly suggest you do!! It will give you some background as to what the heck is going on here! haha

Being an elopement photographer it was super important to me to get Chelsea's (at Adventure Floral) take on what flowers would hold up the best for all my awesome eloping couples! So, below we (aka Chelsea) has put together a list of flowers that can be used on any adventure!

Protea - I love using this hardy bloom in any bohemian or rustic styled bouquet. It is a tropical bloom with a very thick woody stem which will withstand any long hot summer day. Generally all tropical blooms will be good for hot temperatures because this is what they are grown in. Proteas come in a few shapes and sizes with a couple colours to choose from. These flowers also look amazing in dried arrangements as well as fresh!

Succulents - These guys require little to no water, which make them incredibly easy to put into bouquets that are going on long hikes. They are versatile and give a great textured focal point to any bouquet! Although they do not have a stem, there are mechanics such as wire and tape and even floral sticks to attach to the succulents to make them longer. They come in many shapes and sizes and compliment a variety of flowers and foliage.

Carnations - I know, I know! Everyone thinks of these as old lady flowers, but hear me out! Have you ever had a grocery store bouquet sit on your table for a long period of time? What is the last flower standing? Usually the carnations! They come in many different colors and can be purchased in single stems with large blooms or mini sprays (many blooms per stem). If you can find it in your heart to give these flowers a chance, I promise they will not disappoint!

Thistles - These give amazing texture to bouquets, and to be honest look so natural in a mountain setting. I love that they can work with many different flowers and will even look nice after they have dried! You can get these babies in a couple different colors but the main ones you will find are blue.

Chrysanthemums - Also known as spider mums! There are many different types of chrysanthemums that I know you will be sure to find one that ties in with your bouquet. With having many colors and shapes to choose from, these flowers are large and can be used to mimic Dahlia’s which unfortunately are very finicky. They come in bunches of single stems with large blooms and are very hardy flowers.

2nd photo from: Fifty Flowers

Alstroemeria - These beauties have five blooms per stem and can provide the prettiest splash of color to your bouquet. They are airy and have been shown to last longer in heat than most other flowers. I like to use these as a filler throughout a bouquet as they provide the perfect touch.

Anthurium - Another tropical boho style flower! These flowers are grown in heat, so they can withstand a great deal of heat for long periods of time. I find these flowers to be easy to work with and add a unique focal point to your bouquet.

Images from OneFabDay

Cymbidium Orchids - Who doesn't love the beauty of an orchid! These stems have at least 6-10 blooms and will withstand long days in the sun! They are absolutely breathtaking in any arrangement they are a part of. I feel like they have this elegance to them because they are just so unique!

Hypericum Berries - These are exactly what they sound like! Just like the Thistles above, I find that adding berries to your bouquet will tie into the natural background of the mountains. Another bonus to adding these beautiful berries to your bouquet, is that they will not wilt like a flower would.

Well friends I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of our 3 part series with Adventure Floral! Come back next week for part 3 when we touch on keeping your flowers alive and real vs faux for your Elopement!

& as always, if you need help planning & documenting your beautiful elopement or intimate wedding day reach out. We are Krystal & Mike, a soon to be Husband and Wife team that offers our couples both photo and video as well as planning and and logistics! We have some awesome all inclusive elopement packages to help couples navigate through all of this craziness and would love to chat with you! Please feel free to contact us here, or check out our work at -

Xo Krystal =)

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