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Canmore Winter Wedding Wonderland

The first snow fall was upon us. In the mountains, winter usually comes early – but not this year! The night before their wedding, Canmore received its first good snow fall of the season and we were immediately transported to a winter wonderland!

If you are considering a wedding in Canmore, look no further than Stewart Creek! The ceremony location has a beautiful backdrop full of pine and mountain peaks that are sure to steal your heart! They are also only a short distance from the parking lot making it an easy and wheelchair accessible location so that all your loved ones can attend!

Kiersten and Matt were in for a surprise being that they travelled all the way from Florida to get married in the Rocky mountains – but the snow wasn’t a part of their fall wedding plans! I’m sure Kiersten and Matt would agree “Some people are worth melting for” – Olaf, Frozen, or in this case freezing for! Although it wasn’t the plan to have a winter wedding, Kiersten and Matt had one of the most stunning days in the mountains that I’ve seen thus far! The way the fog hung low around the mountains, and how the snow sat upon the pines, it truly was a magical Narnia kind of day! To be completely honest, it was almost as if Kiersten knew she might end up with a winter wedding as her colours seamlessly went from Fall to winter. The burgundy of the bridesmaids dresses, to her florals all beautifully stood out against the fresh snow! The day just felt like it was exactly how it was meant to be!

Additionally, Kiersten has always been a die hard Disney fan, and therefore it only seemed fair that her wedding highlight this love. Her ring was a part of a Cinderella Disney collection in which the setting was made to resemble Cindarella’s horse drawn carriage. Her first dance song was also none other than a love song from High School Musical 3 called “Can I Have This Dance”!

For me personally, one of my favourite things about weddings is how there is always something extra special and unique to the couple about their day! For Kiersten and Matt is was the origami rings he had made to propose with! He knew that if Kiersten spotted a ring box – she would know what was about to happen, so to ensure this didn’t happen he came up with a plan that not even Kiersten could find out about!

Canmore Wedding Photographer

Here at Fly Free Photography, these small details are what sets us apart - we get to know you before your big day so that these special moments are documented in a meaningful to you kind of way! If you are looking for a Canmore wedding photographer we'd love to chat with you more about your special day - you can reach out to the boss babe Krystal here. Krystal and I (Kait) shot this stunning wedding together and what a beautiful adventure it was. You can learn more about our team & see images here.

Lastly if you are loving this Winter Wonderland and want to see more Winter Weddings follow this link and if you want to know what a Winter Engagement session looks like, follow the link here!

Xo Kait

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