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Why you should Elope in Alberta

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Friends, I'm so excited about this post on why YOU should elope in Alberta!! Why? Because it is so near to my heart (It's literally my back yard) ha! and I can't wait to share some awesomeness with you, as an elopement photographer I pretty much end up becoming an elopement planner as well, which I love!! Alberta, Canada literally has SO many amazing locations for you to say "I Do" with your loved one!

When most people think of Alberta, they think Banff National Park, or the Rocky Mountains - which, it totally fair. They are a huge attraction and are simply breath taking. But what if you could have two completely different scenes on one day? Would you?

Banff National Park Vermilion lakes elopement with bride and groom. With Mount Rundle in the background

Let's start with the Mountains, as that seems to be everyone's go to. A quick hour and a half drive from Calgary ( yyc airport ) and you'll find yourself in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Banff national park is a favorite among tourists, for many reasons, the main one, being the sheer amount of beauty in one place. Just to name a few spots one could elope - Banff, Canmore, Lake Minnewanka, Lake Louise... Literally friends, the list in endless, there are so many stunning locations in and around the national park for someone to have an elopement or a wedding.

Now, imagine this.. What if you were bold ad wanted an adventurous elopement with your loved one and were willing to go the extra mile for your special day. This is just one example of what you could do, friends, I'm a dreamer haha so I'm never short of amazing ideas! haha ( well, at least I think they are pretty good! ) ha!

So, we start your day out with a small wedding with a handful of your closest family and friends nuzzled in the heart of the mountains, or we hike up an awesome trail for an epic sunrise first look with just the two of you with a few hours of adventuring and getting stunning photos in the mountains. Followed by lunch at a local shop, some down time ( naps are welcomed haha ) or just some simply snacks to keep you going. Then, we head back past Calgary to finish off your elopement in the Badlands of Alberta.

Badlands Alberta, near Drumheller. Elopement photo of bride and groom in the badlands

RIGHT! Ugh, Friends come'on! Could you imagine, Morning in the mountains and then a sunset shoot in the badlands. Talk about complete opposite and unique wedding images. With only an hour and a half drive from Calgary, we could spend the evening exploring a different part of Alberta. Wrapped up with home cooked private meal for you and hubby or share your first dance together lit by a bonfire, under the stars. Literally the possibilities are endless and I am here every step of the way to dream up your perfect elopement with you!

Here's a few of my favorites to give you more of an idea of the epicness the Alberta landscape has!

If you are thinking of eloping in Alberta and would like some help planning your unique day, I would absolutely love to chat with you!!

Here's a highlight video from their beautiful elopement!

Yours Truly,

Krystal =)


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Photos + Video: Fly Free Photography


If you'd like to chat about planning your beautiful elopement in Alberta,

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