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Turning 30

Tomorrow I turn 30... So, let me be honest with you.

It's something I have honestly been scared of for a lot of my life. Not because I am afraid of getting older or being in my 30’s, those things don’t phase me. But it’s the pressure I have put on myself my whole life. The list of things I “needed” to accomplish before I turned 30. Society in itself has all these ideals of how one’s life should look when they enter their 30’s which I can’t say I’ve ever been very good at following and still am not. But, I did set a very high bar for myself and most days I feel like I have failed. I look back and think, half the things should have been done way sooner and they weren’t or that I didn’t accomplish them by myself, so they don’t count. Which I know is a lie from the pit of hell but I think when you set such high expectations it’s hard sometimes to see the good that you have accomplished, I know I’m not the only guilty one but I think it comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur.

Years ago when I set out my goals and dreams to accomplish before I turned 30, I wasn’t very pointed with things, like most people I used to just leave my goals more open ended, which is why I think I have struggled to feel like I have accomplished them. I want to share a few of those goals today and explain a bit about them in hopes that it may help someone else stuck in the thought pattern I have been in the last little while.

1. To own a successful business – I look at that now and think to myself, what does that even mean?! No wonder I have been so hard on myself in trying to meet this goal, to the point that I make myself sick stressing sometimes, if I’m being honest. This is such an open ended goal that if I look at society’s definition I’m no where close to owning a multi million dollar company ect. BUT, if I take a step back and look at the growth of my company itself, not comparing it to anything else and ask myself what do I consider successful? To me successful means not having to work another full time job to make ends meat, successful means doing something that I have created that sets my soul on fire. Success to me means having the flexibility to work and do things I love aka travelling and to me above all else a successful business is one who can bless others and help them make an income.

Even though I’ve been in “business” for 8 years I would honestly have to say I didn’t really give it all my effort and understand Kingdom Finance at all till about 3 years ago, and that’s when things really started to change for me and things took off. Now, not only can I do this full time, but my Husband can as well, after working for Toyota for 12 years. Plus, we are able to bless a few stay at home mom’s and give them work so they can be with their littles. All while doing something that we both whole heartily love and allows us to still travel, both for ourselves and with the ministry. So, in the end; to wrap up this goal before I turn 30, if we look at a deeper meaning to a “successful business” then Yes! I have created one and am super proud of it and the future goals I have for it as well.

2. To own my own home – When I made my goals, I made them slightly out of bitterness, of being hurt by people in my past and believing that I had to accomplish everything in life on my own. Which if I would have known then what I know now, I would have realized that owning a home by myself is near impossible thanks to my line of work. Is it a bit of a gut punch that I needed help to own a place, sometimes... But the more I let myself be open to the fact that it’s a lonely life if you try to do everything on your own, the more I realize the blessing it was to have someone in my life that could get approved and that we could get an absolutely perfect home. I truly am in love with our home and was the moment we walked in to see it, I knew this was it and am forever thankful that we were able to get it. So, goal number 2, accomplished!

3. To travel and see the world – I’m sure a lot of people would have thought “to start a family” which was a goal at one point however, I have different feelings about it right now. Travelling has always been very high on my list since I first went to Costa Rica when I was 14, but again saying “to travel the world” is very vague and doesn’t really have anything measurable for me to compare to. So again I’ve had to break things down in a different way than I normally would have in the past. What does it mean to travel? To me it simply means to see new places that I haven’t seen before. “See the World” this is a bit different to me then many would think. To see the world from His eyes. To see the world and the amount of love that God has for the world, His children and the beauty He has created, which also trickles into all my art work and poetry that I pair with my travel images. I have been beyond blessed to travel to 11 different countries, some multiple times and explore countless cities inside those countries!

I totally understand that to some 11 is not a very high country count, however, whenever I travel somewhere I want to be able to see as many places as possible, which is why our trip to Italy was a month long in 1 place. Sure we could have seen so many different little countries in that area but then I would have wanted to go back and see more of Italy. Which I still do, cause a month isn’t enough to see it all haha but, you get the point! I have also had many opportunities to travel with JGLM Canada in these last few years and see so many lives changed for the good.

In conclusion, when I actually go through and break down the goals I set out for myself years and years ago, I technically did accomplish everything I had hoped for before I turned 30. Not by society’s standards, but by my own and I think that in itself friends is the most important. You don’t need to compare yourself, your goals or your dreams with what the world thinks is right or correct. What do YOU want? Figure that out, dig deep and then Do That!

If there is one thing I have learned even from just writing this is that going forward I will be making more detailed goals that align with my purpose both in my personal life and business. I will be setting out long, mid range and short term goals, cause I have come to realize that just having a few long term goals isn’t that healthy and don’t give you any sort of staircase to get to the top, instead it’s like jumping off a mountain and hoping someone will hand you a parachute along the way! Ha!

So friends, I encourage you to keep dreaming, keep believing but do it on your terms, not how the world tells you you have to do it! Write down your goals and take steps each day to work towards them. This last year or so, I’ve started writing my goals as if they have already come to pass, the same way I write testimonies for a new business venture. Try it, then work backwards and write out the steps you take to get to that goal. I promise it will help change your mindset and help you be in a better place!

Thanks for sticking it out and facing my fears with me. Here’s to my 30’s “Thirty, Flirty and Thriving” as they say and everything I will accomplish in the next 10 years! I’m excited and can’t wait for the adventure!

` Take my hand, let me show you a world of possibilities.

Let me show you the love and compassion you deserve.

Let me take you to new heights, to new realizations.

Let me show you the sweet gems this world holds.

Stop boxing yourself in, stop putting a limit on your life.

You were meant to live free, live wild and conquer your hearts most desired dreams.

Take my hand, let me show you what unconditional love means!

- K.Shuhyta

June 28, 2020

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