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The Pros of a Sunrise Photoshoot

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Aw, sunrise, that golden time of the morning when the sun peeks out from the horizon, bathing the sky in the warm sunlight. You may wonder if sunrise is a good time to schedule a photo shoot. So, what are 10 pros of a sunrise photoshoot?

Good lighting is a photographer’s best friend. Good lighting is what makes photos magical and memorable. But harsh, bright light challenges even the best photographer. Of course, you can pull out your filters and lens to get the job done. But sunrises give your gorgeous photos without jumping through all the hoops. That’s why a sunrise or sunset photoshoot is the premium time of the day for your photos. Here are 10 pros of a sunrise photo shoot.

1. Less Glare

Most photographers agree that sunrise and sunset are the best times to take photos. Some photographers call it the “low hanging fruit” time of the day, it’s just so easy to get good quality photos. When the sun is low, the light is more diffused so there is less glare than at other times of the day. Glare occurs when light reflects off of surfaces like water or people’s faces. At sunrise and sunset, there is less chance of this occurring, so you almost always get a great shot.

2. Less Haziness

Like glare, haziness is a problem when you take photos during the day. When the sun hits your lens just right, it creates that overexposed, hazy look. It’s a nuisance for a photographer. Morning light is less harsh, so you’re not as apt to encounter the problem of haziness in your photos.

3. Fewer Shadows

The midday sun overhead creates harsh light and dark shadows. This is especially difficult when you’re taking a portrait because you can end up with strong shadows that can hide parts of a person’s face. Changing lens and adding filters helps a bit, but shadows are a challenge to even the most experienced photographer.

4. Golden Hues

In the early morning, the sky is filled with a variety of colors, especially gorgeous soft gold and yellow hues. These colors are flattering for any subject whether your subject is a landscape or a person. The warmth of the colors envelops the subjects, giving them a dazzling brilliance. Who wouldn’t want photos like that?

5. A magical time of the day

When the sun is just over the horizon, you get some of the best photos. The early morning sky has that natural reddish-yellow hue hat makes your photos look almost mystical. This time of the morning enhances your subjects. Weddings are often scheduled outside at noon or in the afternoon when the sun is still high in the sky. This creates harsh shadows and glare. If your clients are willing, schedule the wedding at sunrise. This will give them magical wedding photos. Of course, sunrise isn’t always a favorite for wedding guests, but if you feed them a hearty breakfast after the wedding ceremony, they may be willing to get up early.

6. Sets your photos apart

You can’t get more unique photos than those taken at sunrise or sunset. If you want your photos to stand apart from everyone else, schedule your photoshoots at sunrise or sunset. Because the sunrise rises so quickly, you have a short window of opportunity to capture photos, but it’s worth it.

7. Dazzling colors

Sunrise and sunset photos are dynamic because of all the colors in the sky at that time of day. It’s amazing how many photographers miss the opportunity to shoot pictures at this time of day. Whether you’re at a scenic location or just your local park, sunrise or sunset pics make any subject look great.

8. No bad sunrise photos

If you’re an experienced photographer, you know that sunrises are the premium time of the day to schedule a photoshoot. It’s hard to get a bad shot when the sun is glowing gold, orange and red across the sky. If for no other reason, schedule your sunrise photoshoot just because all your photos will look amazing.

9. Hard to resist

Okay, so you feel like there are too many sunrise photos? You’re right, it’s the best time of the day to have a photoshoot. But is it possible to have too many sunrise pics? It depends. Sunrise or sunset photos are really hard to resist, they’re all so beautiful and different. Don’t fight it. Schedule a sunrise photo shoot. Who knows, maybe you’ll capture the sun in the amazing photo of all time. 10. Worth a thousand words

Whoever said, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” must have been talking about sunrise photos. Other times of the day are nice, they may even be dramatic. But a sunrise photoshoot is the premier time of day to get gorgeous pictures. And isn’t that what you are aiming for in your photoshoot?

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