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All the reasons you should get married at the Coutts Centre

Living in Calgary we are spoilt by our beautiful Rockies mountains in our backyards - that's why when I say the Coutts Centre located in Nanton, rivals the beauty of our mountains... this property really is just that BEAUTIFUL!

First up - Tree Alley is just as described... but actually so much better through our lenses. An alleyway of mature trees creates a romantic archway for you and your bridal party to enter your ceremony from. Not only is it stunning but it gives you a break from direct sun if your ceremony is mid day! This location is definitely the star of the show and a photographer's dream to shoot at because of how beautiful and scenic the photos are!

Although I've hyped up Tree Alley, let me assure you the rest of the property is just as beautiful too! Earlier in the summer there was a poppy patch just out front of where the gentlemen got ready, later in the summer the sunflowers that are planted around the property become the real star of the show! This property truly is a garden that was turned into your fairytale wedding venue!

To add to the garden theme this venue is known for its beautiful barn that is adorned with greenery that says " I wanna grow old with you" and is this isnt just the cutest and perfect addition to this magical fairytale venue then I'm just not sure what is! Needless to say this is always a favourite for a couple of photos of the bride and groom!

The Coutts Centre Wedding

Some locations have the view... but not the amenities, luckily at the Coutts Centre you don't have to choose! Something I love is this isn't your ordinary reception hall - unlike regular barns, the barn walls can be removed so that you can have an indoor-outdoor feel for those warm summer nights! With the barn walls open you can also view the large gazebo which is perfect for a couple's first dance!

Last but not least - this venue has a story tale ending with a beautiful gazebo for you to share your first dance in! The large gazebo can be seen while guests stay inside the barn or with your loved ones surrounding you!

For Brittney and Bryce who love the countryside, they naturally wanted a picturesque venue and the Coutts Centre was a dream come true. These two value the natural beauty of our landscapes here in Alberta and much like the Coutts Centre they chose for their wedding venue, they also chose the rolling hills of Alberta for the engagement session that you can check out here!

Now a venue isn't everything that goes into a wedding day - surely every couple aims to bring a little spice from their day to day lives to their special day and boy did Brittney and Bryce not disappoint! Brittney was adorned with her grandmother's pearl earrings and her moms pearls necklace and to finish off the classic look she had sparkly heels with a teal bottom! She was the definition of a beautiful and timeless bride!

Speaking of timeless, her love for her grandfather who could not be there with her on her special day made his way onto her bouquet with a special memorial locket - my absolute favourite way for a bride to show their loved ones in heaven their whole day <3

Now - If I were to describe Brittney and Bryce, they are the perfect mix of country with a little bit of sparkle - and by that I mean Brittney is the little bit of sparkle ;)

Bryce on the other hand is a country boy through and through and he too was adorned in his own kind of country regalia! Cowboy boots, Cowboy hat, a fancy belt buckle and dark brown suede sports coat! A true cowboy!

If you have ever considered a wedding just on the outskirts of the city - this venue definitely tops the list for places you should inquire about! If I haven't convinced you yet - you should book yourself a tour and see for yourself!



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