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Spring Drumheller Wedding

You know what they say – It always rains or snows on May long. However May 2022 might be one of the exceptions to this rule because when you work with the Fly Free Team, we always get great weather! Candice and Jordan had been watching the weather all week long, and although rain is good luck on your wedding day - we lucked out with a mostly sunny day, and a few clouds making an appearance where it counted most! In other words – the photos turned out stunning because of it!

Bride and groom kissing while dancing with hoodoos in the background

To make it even more special to the Fly Free Team, Krystal, the owner and face of Fly Free Photography got to attend a wedding where a past Fly Free Team member was in the wedding party. I’ll give you a hint; we laughed, we cried, we smiled from ear to ear and no matter what the weather threw our way – we had the best day!

A Badlands Wedding

Candice and Jordan had a beautiful ceremony in a park in the heart of Drumheller, before heading to Horse Shoe Canyon where the real adventure started. For those who need a quick adventure 101: I’m here to tell you practical footwear is essential for adventuring. I know what you’re thinking, hiking boots and runners right? Well here at Fly free we ABOSOLUTELY support that, however we swooned at Candice’s very own personalized sneakers with her new last name on them! If you haven’t worked with me before (Kait, one of the associate shooters here at fly free) you should know I’m all about off roading and finding little gems that are tucked away off the beaten path, and that’s just what we did!

Candice and Jordan - in their wedding attire no less followed Krystal and I into the canyon for an unforgettable adventure. There we got them to climb, dance, and snuggle atop of a beautiful ridge within the canyon. These are our people – the adventurous at heart, and those who put their faith into trusting us to get the shot!

Afterwards we found a back road to take some more pictures and highlight Jordan’s other love – His Yellow truck! It was the perfect way to display his truck and use the picturesque scenery of the prairies!

Wedding Details

Candice’s shoes weren’t the only personalized memento’s included in their day. Candice brought her loved ones along for the ride with locket sized photos attached to her bouquet! To boot, her bouquet was made of wooden flowers meaning her loved ones and her wedding day florals will forever be tied together as a special token from her wedding day! For Candace, she wanted this memento to keep forever - but if you're on the fence, check out the opinion of one of our favourite florists Adventure Florals on her thoughts about real vs. fake florals on your wedding day!

Jordan brought his own kind of sentimental momento to their wedding - in the form of his high school truck! This truck has been through it all and been there since the beginning of their relationship so it felt fitting to continue creating more heartfelt memories in his truck AND on their wedding day!

Now not all details have to be of emotional significance – Jordan was sure to take FULL advantage of this opportunity to ensure his team - the Maple Leaf’s were cheering him on and bringing him joy on his wedding day! Jordan had Maple Leaf cuff links, suspenders & the most tasty wedding cake - which was also Maple Leaf themed! Not to mention their wedding colours, white and blue in honour of his favourite team!

Candice brought the beautiful intimate details, and Jordan helped liven it all up with his die hard love for his favourite team and his other love – his truck. What more could newlyweds really ask for, as together these two have the best of both worlds and were surrounded by their loved ones and children on their special day!

Calgary Wedding Photographers

If you are thinking of adding adventure to your wedding photos but aren’t sure how to, follow this link which will get you thinking about what kind of adventure you’d like to add to your special day! We are always here to help with planning, advice, and of course - documenting your amazing day! Our blog is filled with helpful weddings tips, but as always if you'd love to chat more about your awesome day, you can reach out here!

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