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Coaching for Photographers & Creative Entrepreneurs 


A 12-week group coaching program for photographers & creatives ready to build their business with the right tools, spend more time with loved ones, and reel in raving client reviews -- without the burnout. 

- You are feeling stuck and overwhelmed from the amount of different information you are Googling over your lunch break and in need of a Safe Place to discover or grow in YOUR PURPOSE, to share new ideas, business plans & learn steps to accomplish them. While getting unstuck from the loop of negative mindsets about yourself & your business, telling yourself you are not cut out for this.

- You get overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS (freebies, videos, tutorials, books, podcasts and anything else google throws at you on how to run a profitable business) and don't know how to take the next step.


- You've spent hours trying to figure out ways to have amazing customer service while not burning all the daylight stuck in your business but have turned up confused on best practices to build your business on that will save time in the long run because there is so much info out there to read.

Let me guess...

Coaching for Wedding Pros

I see you over there...

Dreading Monday mornings when you know you'll need a IV of caffeine hooked into your arm just to ignite some sort of joy to even open your inbox and oh girl, let's not even mention social media.


You've gone from an overly abundant joyful heart for your craft, all things wedding related and loving meeting new people and clients to feeling completely sucked dry and not wanting to hear anything wedding related during your slow months. 


You’re working your butt off, trying to juggle all these things while not pulling your hair out. I get it, I've been there.


But, it’s time to stop clawing your way to success, ignite your joy and start making your business work FOR you!


You've got drive, passion and the love for your craft.


You're not alone!

Tons of wedding professionals start their companies because they simply LOVE creating!

You know how to work hard to achieve your dreams! 


You just need a little kick in the pants, someone to hold your hand and teach you the proven road map to accomplishing our dreams so you can stop missing your kids sporting events or date nights with your hubby.

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Solid Rock Group Coaching


A 12-week group coaching program for photographers and creatives ready to build their business with the right tools, spend more time with loved ones, and reel in raving client reviews -- without the burnout. 

"Just finished up my 3 month coaching with Krystal, and I truly can say what a difference she has made in my business. She has given me the tools I need in order to be productive and efficient and also keeps me accountable which means accomplishing goals!


I love the structure she provides in her calls and I always leave the call with a clearer view of what I need to do next! Krystal helps ignite the spark in you that you know you have, but you just get too overwhelmed to light.


She is not just a coach, but a friend, a cheerleader, and a confidant. I am forever grateful for this experience and would highly recommend this to anyone growing a small business!"

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It's time to stop doing it all alone and trust someone to help you!

Doing it alone won't get you any further then you currently are, drive will fade, burnout will get worse thus snuffing out your joy for your craft. When instead, together, we can ignite your joy and give you a proven roadmap to achieve your goals!

Imagine if you could…..


✓ Wake up, pour yourself a morning tea and hash out a blog post in 2 hours that not only starts bringing in clients in a few weeks but that can also be repurposed to your social media outlets for the month, saving you time while getting bookings.

✓ Finish up a wedding season and still be head over heels in love with your job and not dread the coming season.

✓ Receive jaw-dropping reviews with ease that keep bringing in your dream clients due to your amazing client experience.

✓ Spend less time working in your business & more time with your loved ones, cause you have a solid business foundation

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Hey Friends, I’m Krystal!


The photographer and business coach behind Solid Rock. My goal is to help wedding professionals strategically grow their businesses so they can avoid burnout & spend more time with their loved ones. I’m here to help teach you all my secrets when it comes to running a successful business & crush goals that could take you a few years to achieve on your own.

What's Inside The Group Coaching:

5 Video Lessons

Hand crafted to take you through every step of building a strong foundation in your business so that you feel confident knowing you are saving time, effort and money!

Bi Weekly Group Coaching Calls

This is not simply a course to give you trainings. You also get bi weekly support, accountability, and breakthroughs. I am here to answer all your questions to help you succeed.

Private Group Support

 I'm here to answer questions every step of the way, as I know there will be a million burning ones once you dive in. Just toss you question into our private messaging group and BOOM you'll have an answer within 48 hours, most likely a voice note cause that's how I roll! Plus you can discuss things with your new business fam jam as well.

Video Lessons


Website & SEO's

Part of booking your business is showing up on Google. I'll take all the confusion out of SEO so you can get crystal clear on ranking for different keywords and watch clients start coming to you.


Client Experience

I 100% believe in reaping and sowing. I'll teach you all the little and big things I do to sow into my clients to help them have an amazing wedding day! From my workflow setup and questionnaires to how to ask for jaw-dropping reviews and get more clients on a referral basis.


Passive Income & Ways to scale

Making money in your sleep can be a reality! Building a team has been one of the best things I have done for my business, as it allows me to help other women provide for their families without the stress of running a company.


I'll walk you through different ways that you can build a team for yourself, as well as passive income ideas to help you make money while you sleep.


Blogging Basics

Tired of having to always show up on social media? Me too! I'll walk you through how to attract dream clients through your blogs, what to write, and how to rank on Google. It's easier then you think.


Working Smarter, Not Harder

Part of avoiding burnout is learning to work on your business, not in it all the time.  I'll cover different things you can automate, how to repurpose content and even how/ when to hire help so that you can start spending more time with your loved ones.

You can

“ Without Krystal, my business would be stagnant and not blooming like it is today. I don't know if my business would still be viable today if it weren't for me participating in her Mastermind Group. 


She gave her wisdom, support, motivation, templates, her heart and soul to each of us. Her lessons are always in my mind, driving me to success and a thriving business. 


For that, I thank you Krystal! I truly appreciate you and your Solid Rock Mastermind Group.”

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Of course you get Bonuses!

Time Management Mini Course - your time is precious, learn how to use it wisely so you can accomplish more in less time.

Goal Setting Mini Course - goals don't work unless you do, learn the best ways to accomplish big goals.

 Keys to Succeed - Faith-Based PDF - imposter syndrome is a real thing, it can creep up without you even knowing. This PDF will help you learn and grow in your purpose! 

 List of all my favorite tools that help me run my company - everyone loves a discount right? For all the tools I can, I offer a discount code helping you to save and become more efficient in your business! 

Still on the fence not sure if this is for you?
Here are a few FAQ's to help your worried mind.

1. How long is the Group Coaching and when does the next one begin?

The Group Coaching is 12 weeks long, with pre-recorded training videos, LIVE group coaching calls bi-weekly, and a private Facebook community for questions in between calls. We are currently accepting applications for our next round, which will begin in January! We only accept a very limited number of people into the program each round & only run it twice a year to be sure I’m giving my full attention to your business, so be sure to apply now to snag a spot! 


2. How much time does this take? My time is limited.

I get it, running a business, household, and having time for yourself isn’t easy, which is why I wanted to make this as easy as possible. All lessons are pre-recorded and under an hour, so you can watch them whenever you have time in between our coaching calls, which are bi-weekly and will be an hour in length. As for homework, most students put in a few hours a week but you are welcome to put in more if you have the time.

3. What are the benefits of a group coaching program?

Besides someone who is just as invested in your business as you are & cares deeply about you (aka me) COMMUNITY! The wedding industry can be a very dog eat dog and I personally cannot stand it. This is why my goal is to build a tight-knit community with each of my coaching groups so that you feel supported and loved. You are not in this alone, I got you!

How it works:

1. Apply Now

Click the button below to apply to the 12 week coaching program.

2. Review & Invite

I personally review all the applications, as I want to make sure we are a good fit for each other and I will be in touch via email within 48 hours. with an invitation to save your spot & join the program.

3. Ready for awesomeness

Once your spot is secured with a signed contract and payment you will be sent an email containing all the goodies for when the group coaching launches Jan. 9th!

What are you waiting for? 

Let’s do this together! 

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love..”

​1 Corinthians 13:13


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