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Rockies Heli: Adventure Wedding

Imagine saying your "I Do's" in a beautiful vineyard in Creston BC surrounded by your family and friends, then jet setting the next day for an adventure session in the Rockies! These two love birds took full advantage of their mini honeymoon in Jasper and booked with Rockies Heli and us for their adventure photos! I mean, might as well get the best of both worlds right?

Hey, I'm Krystal - stoked to have you in my little corner of the interwebs. Here at Fly Free Photography we specialize in not only helping you plan the most epic day that is unique to you but also transforming your intimate moments into heartfelt keepsakes. We are wedding and lifestyle photographers for the wild hearted. If you'd like to learn more about our pricing and services you can do so here.

Helicopter Wedding Photos

Helicopter weddings are super fun, and here's why! If you're the type of person who loves a grand entrance or epic adventure, heli weddings are for you! You're arrival will shout style, and make your wedding stand out from the rest. Heli's also allow the opportunity to have your wedding at locations with breathtaking views which in turn, make great photos! Might I add, travelling by helicopter is much quicker than a car and let me tell you my friend, there is no traffic in the air. Including a heli ride on your wedding day provides a beautiful and thrilling adventure for you and your love to have together and is something that will always stand out as a great memory on your special day.

Rockies Heli Package

Rockies Heli have amazing proposal, engagement and wedding packages. They have tons of information on their website to help you book your heli event with ease. Their flights are super smooth, they answers all of your questions and concerns, they're super transparent about their services and ensure that your special day is breathtaking! When you book a helicopter for your proposal, engagement or wedding you have the privilege of having the best decor...nature itself! The mountains are so majestic and the feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city to ask your love to marry you, celebrate your engagement or say "I do" slows down time. Flying in the sky and being on mountain tops with your love are some of the most romantic places where you can focus on each other and be present in that moment together.

Rocky Mountain Photo coPhotographer

If you are considering a Rocky Mountain helicopter wedding, we would love to help plan and document your intimate day. Here's another heli wedding that we photographed if you'd like some more inspiration. If you are looking for a wedding photographer we'd love to chat with you more and help you plan the best day, feel free to get in contact here!

Till next time friends,

Xo Krystal

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