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Real or Fake Wedding Flowers? (Part 3)

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Welcome to part 3 of our awesome series with Adventure Floral! We have had such an awesome time creating these blog for all our Calgary & area Brides as well as our couples looking to elope! As Calgary elopement and wedding photographers we are here to serve YOU! So, we figured what better way to end our series then by answering two of the most popular questions we get from couples.

Q: What is the best way to keep my flowers in tack while hiking?

Having a vase with water may not be practical and that's okay! To ensure that the flowers can drink water while you hike, you’ll need to make sure the cut stems are damp at all times. This does not have to be complex or costly. It can be as simple as a soaking wet paper towel inside a ziploc bag, with a rubber band wrapped around to secure. You will need to place the bouquet in the top of your back pack with the two zippers up the sides to meet at the neck of your bouquet.

You can also ask your local florist for a bouquet wrap made by Eco Fresh Bouquet. This is the professional version of what I have explained above. They are an amazing invention and will provide nutrients and hydration for your flower, but again this is not required and you can make your own version that will do just fine.

Q: Is it better to do real or fake flowers for my adventure elopement?

This is a tough one!! Only because I have a great appreciation for working with fresh flowers. It's so therapeutic to feel nature in your hands while you activate your creative mind. But honestly, in reality the answer would be faux. My reasoning is that you do not have to worry about transportation and damaging the flowers from all types of weather. Although we mentioned a list of durable flowers above, they still have a risk of being damaged on your way up. If you are not careful in how you pack them, you may end up with a few broken flowers. With faux flowers there is no need to have the florals placed upright in a backpack sticking out the top (all though this makes for amazing photos) nor do your flowers require a hydration pack to keep them alive.

Faux flowers nowadays can really make an impact on your wedding without anyone even realizing they are faux! I also love the fact that these can be placed in your home for decor and you will always have your bouquet as a keepsake! Faux flowers can be a bit more expensive for high quality selection, as there is no expiry date on a stem and they are all perfectly made. If cost is ever an issue for you, there are also faux rental bouquets that also suit the bride who does not want to keep their bouquet after their special day.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions and eases your mind about flower choices on your big day! If there is ever a question you may be unsure of, reach out to your local florist for neat tips and tricks to keep your flowers looking amazing and fresh!

Here's a little game for you; Real, Fake or Mixed? Leave your guesses in the comments below!




All bouquets were made by the lovely Chelsea from Adventure Floral who helped with all her knowledge in the blog post. We would love to know your guesses in the comments below as to what you think A, B and C are!! Happy Guessing!

& as always, if you need help planning & documenting your beautiful elopement or intimate wedding day reach out. We are Krystal & Mike, a soon to be Husband and Wife team that offers our couples both photo and video as well as planning and and logistics! We have some awesome all inclusive elopement packages to help couples navigate through all of this craziness and would love to chat with you! Please feel free to contact us here, or check out our work at -

Xo Krystal =)

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