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Mountain Weddings & Elopements: Candid Advice on your Banff Wedding or Rocky Mountain Elopement

Like so many other Albertans, I am constantly in a state of gratitude and amazement that we live so close to the wonders of the Rocky Mountains. I am lucky enough to only be a couple hours away from Banff and Canmore, two of the top Rocky Mountain wedding and elopement destinations. Whether you are planning a Banff elopement or you are hoping to exchange vows somewhere else in the Rocky Mountains (Alberta or BC), a mountain elopement is worth a little extra planning.

Rocky Mountain Elopement next to a lake near Banff

Before we share our best tips for Banff Wedding Elopement Packages, in case we haven't met yet, a quick intro to the team here at Fly Free Photography. We are a husband and wife photo and video team based in Calgary, Alberta. We both live for adventure so we don't charge any travel fees anywhere in the Rocky Mountains. You can get a taste of our work below, but if you are ready to save the date, make sure to reach out here. Seriously if you can watch the video below without tearing up, tell us how you do it!

Choosing a Destination for your Mountain Wedding

Wondering where in the Rocky Mountains would make the perfect escape for your wedding or elopement? It definitely depends on what you want on your wedding day! Banff weddings and elopements are popular, because you are so close to the amenities that town of Banff has to offer (not to mention - some of the most incredible Banff wedding venues). Other than Banff, popular locations include Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and Canmore (if you want a quieter feel).

Canmore wedding photography bride and groom photos in a field with the Rocky Mountains in the background
mountain elopement picnic next to a lake
mountain elopement in Banff with bride and groom dancing in the photo

Our advice? If you haven't been to the mountains enough to have a favorite place, don't be afraid to ask for recommendations. Personally, we often consider ourselves more than just the photo/video team at a wedding. Our couples come to us for advice on planning and logistics all the time and we are happy to share our experience. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any Rocky mountain wedding questions here!

Canmore wedding photography bride and groom photos in a field with the Rocky Mountains in the background

Mountain Elopements and Micro Weddings Locations

Elopements and micro weddings have a bit more flexibility compared to a traditional wedding. You can choose one of many remote locations in the mountains if you want total privacy. Just you, your significant other, and the beautiful backdrop. I can tell you from experience, it's often more than enough! If you are interested in a real elopement story, you can read about our own elopement here.

stunning turquoise mountain lake in the Rocky Mountains for bride and groom wedding photos
adventure elopement in Rocky Mountains Alberta

We might be biased now that we chose to elope ourselves, but we have always been a fan. We really believe that if your ideal wedding day is spending the entire day focusing on the person you are marrying, you are off to a really great start. Whether you are dreaming of a Rocky Mountain wedding of just you two or two hundred, our couples keep the focus on the adventure ahead. After all, you want to build a life together after this, and love documenting this part of your journey.

Alberta wedding with prairies and mountains in their elopement photography

Plan A Wedding Adventure

If you have time (and again, this is where elopements can be more flexible), consider adding in some extra adventure. Whether you decide to go paddle boarding together (like these two brave souls below), or you decide to get your wedding dress dirty and climb up a mountain - your wedding day should be full of the wedding memories you want! And if you want more advice on adding adventure into your photos, make sure to check out this post.

bride and groom adventure paddle board on a Rocky Mountain lake
bride and groom adventure paddle board on a Rocky Mountain lake
Bride and groom climb mountain for their adventure elopement
Bride and Groom in Rocky Mountains in the Lake
Mountain Picnic Wedding Elopement with their dogs

Choosing a Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer

I couldn't finish this post in good conscience without bringing this up. When you are planning your mountain elopement in Banff or somewhere else in the Rocky Mountains, make sure to hire a wedding photographer experienced in shooting on mountainous terrains. It definitely helps if they know a few hidden gem spots too!

Moraine Lake Wedding Photos with Bride and Groom
hidden gem locations in the Rocky Mountains for wedding couples

We feel like we have shot more than enough weddings in the Rocky Mountains to have learned a trick or two and one thing is for sure: it's not as easy as it looks! From all of the tree shadows to the unpredictable cloudy weather, your photographer needs to come prepared for ANYTHING (and you need to hire someone you trust so on the day of you have peace of mind)! Of course, if you have more questions for us or you feel we might be the right fit, make sure and reach out here.

snowy wedding in Alberta Rocky Mountains in the spring

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