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Moraine Lake Engagement Shoot

Moraine Lake Photographer | Banff National Park Photographer | Moraine Lake Canada

Friends, Moraine Lake, located in the heart of Banff National Park is literally that of fairy tales. With only a "short" 2 and a halfish hour drive from Calgary this beautiful lake has become a must see for those visiting, which I can't say I blame them.

So naturally when Maggie contacted me and asked if I would be game to shoot their engagement session at Moraine Lake I was ALL IN!! The best part, is that they were game to shoot at SUNRISE!! Which honestly could not have been more perfect!! =)

Maggie and Nate flew all the way up to Canada from North Carolina to tour around the National park and a bit of Glacier National park before heading home. They rented a cute little air bnb in Golden and started their trek to moraine at 3am the morning of our shoot!

The thing about Moraine that most people don't know, is once you hit the turn off to head back there, there is zero reception! So folks, make sure you plan ahead if you are meeting someone! It was a chilly mountain morning when the two of them pulled up but we all knew it was worth it.

So, off we trekked with outfit changes, blankets, snacks and so much more to make this adventure engagement session awesome. Throughout our adventure I learned that Nate had wanted to propose at Moraine Lake originally, however, due to our lovely Alberta weather and roads being closed till May, the plan changed to an Old Dominion concert instead, which is still a win in my books! I mean, I'm pretty pro at setting up surprise proposals but sunrise ones are tricky, so I'm glad they both new they were coming to get photos! Ha!

Needless to say, we had the most amazing day with these two and honestly we all became instant friends! To the point they met us for dinner the next evening in Canmore, were I showed them one of my favorite restaurants ( don't judge ) The Grizzly Paw! We had dinner, got to know each other and went for a walk through Canmore, where I ever so lovingly proceed to share with them some lovely locations that they could Elope! haha

It became our running joke, trying to convince them to Elope in Alberta in the fall, cause seriously, would these two not look stunning against a fall backdrop in the Rocky Mountains! I'll let you be the judge...

To wrap this all up, we did a little surprise video for them.. Enjoy!

Yours Truly,

Krystal =)

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