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Fall Canadian Wedding Venues

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Are you getting married? Well, congratulations! You must be frantically searching for that perfect venue to make your wedding as memorable as possible. And why not? After all, it happens only once!

Speaking of this, if you are someone living in Western Canada, you need not worry about it. We say so because Canada has plenty of beautiful and dreamy venues that can help make any wedding a remarkable one. We understand how picking one can prove to be quite a dilemma.

Hence, in this article, we are sharing our top 5 picks when it comes to fall Canadian wedding venues. These 5 venues are located in and around Calgary, Ab.

Hill Rise Ranch

For someone who is all about an intimate and woodland style wedding, Hill Rise makes the cut! Situated amidst the lovely locales of Central Alberta Parklands, near Bowden, Hill rise ranch comes with a pretty meadow, surrounded by lush, tall trees. The place is a sheer visual delight and hence, makes for a perfect wedding venue.

The venue allows you to customize things as per your requirements. As for the packages, they offer three of them, feel free to take a look & reach out if you are interested. The choice is up to you!

Pine and Pond

Just sit and imagine an exquisite outdoor wedding ceremony with absolute serene vibes coming out from each corner. Feels great? Well, that is what Pine And Pond are all about! The venue has a pond, a fountain, and a sparkling waterfall. Isn't a perfect fairytale location?

If you plan on having a winter wedding, the clear roof provides you with all the warmth you need. When it is hot, the walls are left open to let the breeze come through.

Moreover, the venue comes with the option of using the decor at absolutely no charge. Sounds good, no?

Emerald Lake

This is an ideal venue for a couple who wants their wedding to have the old-school charm. Emerald lake is stunning, romantic, and a perfect spot for a lovely mountain wedding.

The lodge comes with three rooms that can accommodate a wedding with 88 guests. Accommodations offer twenty-four cabin-style buildings surrounding the original lodge.

The original lodge includes eighty-five guest units built in a way that it reflects the traditional, fine architecture of the building. Every room comes with a fieldstone fireplace, cozy duvet, in addition to a private balcony, from where you can see breathtaking mountain views.

For those who wish to have an outdoor ceremony or are hosting a smaller wedding, they have a small area situated on the shores. The area is famous for its soothing jade colored waters! They also have one of the finest Rocky Mountain menus to offer, coupled with an award-winning wine range.

Saskatoon Farms

The venue is not only stunning but has an equally stunning menu to offer. The place has chefs offering dishes made from local and seasonal ingredients that guests would want more and more. The place is a dream come true at affordable pricing!

Venue 308

Venue 308 is a versatile and one-of-a-kind venue space that’s perfect for weddings. Even if you are looking for a venue to host a corporate party or perhaps, a fashion shows, we suggest you give this place a try. It is also suitable to host cocktail parties, conventions, and photography sessions. Nestled on the outskirts of downtown Calgary, the walls dappled with sunlight in combination with aesthetically pleasing brick pillars, Venue 308 makes for an ideal, or shall we say, picture-perfect location to host one of your most memorable days. And, yes, how can we forget the art deco styling! You would not want to miss out on that.

These are just some of our favs, as the offer both amazing atmosphere and picturesque locations for your beautiful fall wedding. So, which one of these are you going to have your wedding in?

Xo Krystal

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