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5 Essential Tips for a Successful Engagement Session

First off, if you are here that most likely means you just got engaged so, Congratulations!! I'm so stoked for you and to share some of my top engagement session tips to help your shoot turn out even more amazing than you dreamed because let's face it - less stress means epic wins! Which is what we are all about here at Fly Free Photography.

Why have an engagement session?

In our humble opinion, we think meeting your photographer before the wedding is an awesome idea. It lets you get to know each other better and make sure you have the same vision to create amazing memories of both your special days. We often hear from our couples beforehand that they feel awkward in photos.

“We are not fans of photos being taken of ourselves. We’ve never booked a photo shoot, most of our photos together are selfies from a tractor seat haha. So we were nervous. About 5 minutes in we settled, it became easy to be comfortable. Krystal put in an incredible amount of effort to make sure the pictures and video were perfect. I don’t think anyone could book Free Fly Photography and not be absolutely thrilled with the results.” - Natalie

Engagement sessions are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera BEFORE your big day! On top of that though, they are great to be used for "save the dates" or your wedding guest book, to name a few ideas.

But, you came for tips, so without further ado, here are our tips on how to prepare for your engagement session.

5 Engagement Session Tips

1. Come prepared for the weather

If you live in Alberta, you know the weather is unpredictable, literally we could have all 4 seasons in one day. When you are not prepared for the weather to change from hot to cold and vice versa it can put a complete damper on how you feel emotionally and physically, therefore, is reflected in your final pictures and overall experience of the day. So, trust me when I say, you can always take off layers, but you cannot put them on (unless you have them of course).

2. Pick your outfits beforehand, not on the day of

Do a little fashion show for your partner or if I'm your photographer send me some photos of what you have in mind before our shoot together. This way you will have a better idea of what is comfortable and how you want to look in your photos. If you need help figuring out what to wear for your shoot, I could first ask your photographer - if you are one of our couples, you will get a full guide on choosing the perfect outfit. Also, you can check out our other blog on what to wear for your photoshoot.

3. Consider hiring a professional hair and make-up artist for your photo session

I always recommend doing your hair and make up trial for your engagement shoot. THis allows you to try the style you want for your wedding day and know were things can be fixed or try a completely different style but still have it done professionally. Plus, why not just make a whole day out of it, after your shoot have a little date night together. It's a win win!

4. Manicures

This day is about the ring so I can promise you that your hands will be in the shots! Having nice nails really compliments your ring and makes your engagement pictures look so much better. No matter if you prefer shorter or longer nails, make sure that the manicure you get makes you feel confident to show off your new sparkly bling! If you are someone who has never worn nail polish, that is 100% okay as well, I want you to be authentic to who YOU are. But, I do recommend maybe shaping them a bit or filing down super long nails, even a layer of clear polish can bring a nice shine to them.

5. Have your ring cleaned just before your session

A macro shot is an extreme close-up photo of, usually, very small objects. I love macro shots of rings, but you would be surprised what little fibres and dirt macro shots will show off! Sometimes, the jewelry store that you bought your ring from will allow you to go back for free cleanings. So, make sure that you have your engagement ring cleaned before your engagement session, and try not to get it caught on any wool materials that will leave those little fibers on your way to the shoot.

Calgary Engagement Photographer

Well, friend, there are some of our top tips to get ready for your engagement session, we also have one on a list of things to bring to your shoot if you are looking for more help. Also, if you are still on the hunt for a Calgary engagement photographer, you can check out some of our prices here I'd love to chat with you more and plan an awesome adventure with you!

Till next time friend,

xo Krystal

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