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Choosing your Elopement Planner

Is anyone else just absolutely bewildered that it's already October? With recent Alberta announcements, it's unclear if COVID restrictions are going away or changing anytime soon, leading more and more couples to "just elope already". As elopement photographers for years now, we are ready to tell you how much we LOVE elopements, and if you are on the fence, we are ready to give you the (tiny) push you need to start planning an elopement that surpasses your wildest dreams and expectations. This might be your first rodeo, but it's not ours, and we are ready to cheer you on and celebrate with you every single step of the way!

Banff elopement photos

Elopement Planners in Calgary & the Rocky Mountains, Alberta

Once you decide to elope, one of the very first questions you might be asking is - do I really need an elopement planner? Or, how do I know who to hire as an elopement planner? You probably want them to have a fair amount of experience in location scouting and vendor referrals, but with so many vendors "specializing" in elopements out of pure necessity this year, it can be hard to decide what's really worth it. Who can you trust to plan your elopement, that will take your vision as seriously as if you were planning a wedding with 200 of your closest family and friends?

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What Does an Elopement Planner Do?

First, lets talk about the role of an elopement planner. We don't believe in hiring someone "just because" so below are some things that you can expect your elopement planner to help you with (and by the way, your Fly Free elopement photographer absolutely helps you with all of these too!).

Finding an Elopement Location: Whether you want an "all-inclusive" elopement style package (check out a few of our elopement packages here) or something more secluded (check out some of the best places to elope in Canada here), your elopement location is one of the first decisions you'll make. With the help of an experienced elopement planner, you can find the most incredible venue/location for you.

Choosing your Elopement Vendors: Anybody can post photos on Instagram. When you hire an elopement photographer, you need to ask them how they choose the elopement vendors you recommend. Depending on what your elopement vision includes, you may need to hire a wedding planner, photographer, videographer, florist, rental company, venue, and more. It takes a village! Make sure your elopement planner is only recommending the best of the best.

Creating a custom timeline: Personally - this is one of our favorite parts! We talked about this in more detail here, but to be honest? If you are working with us, we are going to make something completely curated for you and your vision. Your elopement timeline is the planning step that pulls all of your 1000 details together and creates the most incredible wedding day.

& More: these are just a few of the things you can expect when you hire an elopement planner. Don't forget the support element. As you plan your elopement, you are going to have questions! Don't underestimate having a "go to" person you can email every thought and question to. You only get married once, and whether you choose to have a big celebration or something more intimate, you deserve to be supported in your wedding day vision.

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We take elopement planning VERY seriously - so much so, that we include planning and coordination in our elopement photography packages. We work incredibly closely with each and every couple to create a custom elopement timeline, provide a curated list of vendor and location recommendations based on our years of elopement experience, and work with you to answer all of your questions. We don't believe in providing a cookie-cutter experience, if you are looking for someone to help you plan and execute the most incredible day (with photos that bring you back to the way you felt on your wedding day), we are the wedding photographers for you.

Fly Free Photography - Calgary Elopement Planner and Photographer

BONUS Tip: Don't want to splurge on a dress? Choose an elopement planner with a client closet!

As elopement photographers, we have seen elopements of all shapes and sizes. From couples who have always dreamed of a romantic elopement and have planned out many elaborate details, to couples who just want to get married and splurge on a honeymoon, and this year, couples who have been forced to downsize unexpectedly and just roll with the punches.

No matter WHAT your reason for eloping is, you deserve to wear something that makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the room. That might mean splurging on an incredible wedding dress, wearing something you already own and love, or borrowing something gorgeous from our client closet.

Calgary Elopement Photographers

If you are raising your hand thinking, "yes yes yes", reach out to the Fly Free team and we can get the fun stuff started! We love working with our clients one on one and helping plan elopements that are beautiful and incredibly meaningful. If you've been stressing out watching the news for the last two years and just want to marry the person you love with as much ease as possible, make sure to check out our elopement packages in Calgary and the Rocky Mountains here. Don't worry, we know your love is unique and everything can be customized to tell your love story.

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