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A Winter Wedding at Sirocco Golf Course

If you are looking for picturesque rolling hills but don’t want to stray far outside the city, the Sirocco Golf Course is just minutes outside the city but gives you big country feels! This stunning venue did not disappoint as you get access to two rooms one for the guys and one for the girls to get ready in. The men’s locker room is decked out in dark wooden lockers elevating your typical locker room feel to a dressing room – making for a great location for getting ready photos! As for the ladies – they get a suite that offers lots of windows ensuring maximum light and a large mirror in order to inspect every detail of the bride's dress, hair and makeup!

Earlier in the week there had been a snowfall and since the golf course is more popular during the summer, the snow was still fresh and untouched! The pristine snow was absolutely worth the cold snap we endured during portraits as they made for a cozy loving feel!

Fly Free Photography

My name is Kait, and one of my favourite aspects of a winter wedding is the coziness that comes with it! This time of year, in the snow, we are all feeling extra cuddly, and prioritizing that snuggly warm by the fire kind of love – or at least we were trying to imagine that while out taking photos in the snow! Megan and I (the two associate shooters over at fly free) swoon over small personalized details and this wedding was full of them! If you’d like to see more of our work you can follow this link!

What I loved about this couple was she was a city girl and he was a country boy and although they came from two different worlds growing up - none of that ever stopped them over the years and now they are living their best lives as Mr. and Mrs. Bare!

For their wedding, Marliegh and Kierson took time during their first look to read over their personalized vows to one another and it was one of the sweetest moments of the day! They also got each other a small gift they could wear on their wedding day for one another, earrings that perfectly matched Marleighs dress, and a watch for Kierson! The small details don’t end there! They also helped make décor with her new name on it welcoming everyone to the reception! Mr. and Mrs. Bare for the win!

Unique Wedding Traditions

In true rancher fashion – Kierson’s mom welcomed Marleigh to the family by making a customized B brand in honur of their last name Bare - to which she applied lipstick to and “branded” Marleighs hand with during their speech! For me – this was a first! But oh how I loved it and thought it was such a unique way to welcome someone to the family! We know that Marliegh feels loved and welcomed by the Bare family too!

As a memento, Kierson and Marliegh had a beautiful personalized chest at their reception, although this has become a popular wedding tradition that I absolutely love and encourage – theirs was made by the loving hands of Kierson’s Father! As you can see there was a lot of love that was brought to their day in all the small details!

Last but not least – their family friend ensured the venue was decked out in true wedding fashion! The table runners were hand sewn, the evergreen bundles – some of which even came from her own property! And in honour of this beautifully decorated wedding - Shelley Titley needs her own shout out as she did a truly incredible job turning the halls of a golf course into a wedding venue!

If you love the idea of having a golf course wedding here’s another beautiful venue to consider in the south of Calgary!

Calgary Wedding Vendors

Here is a list of the awesome Calgary vendors we had the privilege of working with:

Photography: Fly Free Photography

Bridal Dress: Taffeta and Tulle

Wedding Planner: Shelley Titley



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