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A Dapper Regina Wedding

If you have ever been to Saskatchewan in the summer, you know it is most likely going to be HOT! Well, Josh and Denise had a June wedding in Regina, Saskatchewan. It was supposed to be a scorching day at plus 30 and full sun, but we ended up with an overcast day with some light breeze. It literally could not have been more perfect. From the weather to the company, this wedding was one for the books! Fun fact - Mike, our in house videographer actually grew up with the groom. So, it was like one big family reunion.

Christian Ceremony

Josh's groomsmen men wore full black suits, while Josh wore black pants with a James Bond style white jacket with black trim. The bridesmaids wore beautiful dark coral dresses; perfect for Summer. Denise was an absolute princess! She was so stunning in her wedding gown! Josh and Denise's day was surrounded with family and friends who love and adore them. Both of their dad's are Chiefs in different First Nations bands so we got to see two different communities coming together as a family. It was such an amazing experience. Their ceremony was also heavily Christian based and involved God in everything, which was so great to be a part of.

Photo ideas in Regina

After the ceremony, we took pictures in some of their favorite spots around Regina, which was beautiful with the overcast lighting. Everyone wants sun for their wedding pictures but overcast is my favorite, as it gets rid of harsh shadows. There truly are some gems around Regina to take photos and I love using locations that are meaningful to our couples. During the reception it began to thunderstorm outside so we had to dodge all of the rain, which was awesome! Josh and Denise's wedding was super sweet! The newly married couple are both such kind, down to earth people who really love each other and are just so cute! I am so grateful to have been able to capture their special day.

Here at Fly Free Photography we love getting to help our couples plan days that are unique to them! Whether that be a farm wedding, hiking a mountain in Kananaskis or a traditional ballroom. The day is yours, and we want you to love every minute of it! If you are looking for an awesome wedding team to document your special day, please reach out here - I'd love to chat with you more!

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